8 Backyard Concrete Pathway Designs

Homifine.com -- A pathway will complete the landscaping design. Pathway shows the direction where you should walk through the garden or backyard. The pathway definitely adds aesthetic and property value to your residence. There are many materials to make a pathway, but concrete pathways are still a popular choice. Concrete pathway offer durability and long-term use. It also has a variety of interesting design. You can take a look at these 8 backyard concrete pathway designs. 

Aesthetic concrete pathway in the backyard


Lovely backyard garden with a warm lit corner for relaxing. This backyard has a well manicured lawn. It's a shame, if you have to step on it too often. The choice of concrete pathway in this simple straight design will complement the backyard garden. The combination with white gravel makes the pathway even more special. 

Large concrete pathway design


Landscapes like this combine softscape and hardscape well. The lawn with the sided of beautiful shrubs is a perfect companion for a concrete pathway in a relatively long and large design. This pathway even allows you to barbecue in areas that are not easily muddy. 

Natural-style concrete pathway design


It's said that concrete pathways are a cheap and easy-to-DIY alternative to walkway materials. With creativity, you can make concrete pathways have a natural style like slab stones like this. Install it like this picture where the grass covering the ground between the stepping. 

Concrete pathway with curved design


Th pathway connects access from the back door to the backyard area. You can create a pathway in a form that adapts to the dimension of the backyard. If the space is too small, choose a sleek and slightly curved concrete pathway design. The curved pathway with lush plants on the sides provides maximum freshness when you walk in on this pathway. 

Heart-shaped concrete pathway


Bring something lovely and unique to the backyard. One of them is by designing a heart-shaped concrete pathway. This will be a cute walking access and beautify your landscaping garden. 

Simple concrete pathway design


Maximizing function, it doesn't matter if you design a concrete pathway as simple as this. Using a flat concrete design without accents of shapes and others. However, it is quite good as a walkway from the backyard to other areas of the house. 

Concrete pathway border


If you prefer the pathway material from brick or stone, no problem. You can insert concrete as a pathway border, like in this image. The border concrete design allows rocks not to easily fall into the pathway. It also offers contrast in masculine black. 

Small and simple, but dynamic concrete pathway design


Look at this backyard! Pathway concrete may be made in a straight shape, but that will make it so normal. You can make concrete stepping stone design with a slightly curved shape to give the garden landscape dynamism. 

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