8 Best Bathroom Plants To Create Your Own Indoor Oasis

 Homifine.com - The one of privacy room, bathroom can design and decorate nicely for cozy area. Besides minimize the stuff, you can put plants for pretty and fresh bathroom. We have gathered for 8 Best Bathroom Plants To Create Your Own Indoor Oasis that can make you inspire.

Pilea peperomioides


Pilea peperomioides or most called with Chinese money plant is plants that suitable put at bathroom area. Has coin or pancake shape for the foliage, make this plant look cute and pretty as decoration. Other way, this plant has easy caring and can live in indirect light.

Snake Plants


Have more benefit, snake plants perfect to placed at bathroom area. This plant tolerate with low light, and you can be watering the plants when the soil dry out. Other way, this plant can help you to avoid bad smells and good for natural air filtration at bathroom.

Areca Palm


Areca Palm or has botanical name Dypsis lutescens is pretty houseplants and suitable to put at bathroom area. You can put this plant near a light source like windowsill for the example.



Has long, vining stems and shiny, bright green leaves, Pothos perfect to place at your bathroom area. You can hang the Pothos on the wall or at the empty area. Don't worry, Pothos is the houseplant that tolerate with low light conditions. Let the soil dry out between watering.

Stromanthe Magic Star


Stromanthe Magic Star that also known with Calathea has long, narrow, and glossy leaves with bits of white variegation and maroon underside. You can keep this houseplant at moist soil, but it's best to let the top level of soil dry a little before watering again. And this houseplant can live in indirect sunlight.



Also known as satin pothos, Scindapsus is an evergreen climbing plant. This stunning plant has large, heart-shaped green leaves that are splashed with shimmery silver variegation. You can put this houseplant at bathroom that can give fresh and absorbing the pollutant.

Spider Plants


Unique and pretty houseplant that has strappy arching at leaves suitable placed at bathroom. Other way, spider plant easy to grow and perfect for hanging baskets. This houseplant prefers bright light, but they'll tolerate lower levels too.



Ferns are plants that don't have flowers. You can put this houseplant at bathroom area for pretty looks and help for the air filtration. Many ferns make great houseplants and can handle the temperature fluctuations and humidity in a bathroom environment.

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