8 Best Outdoor Purple Plants | Top Plants With Purple

Homifine.com -- Do you feel like you don't have enough color in your garden? Why don't you try to liven up the garden by having outdoor plants in purple? Purple leaves or flowers will make the garden look more beautiful. Giving your eyes more pleasure to look at than just a garden with greenery alone. If you already know the stunning indoor plants in purple, this time you need to know 8 Best Outdoor Purple Plants | Top Plants With Purple

1. Heuchera 'Wild Rose' 


You know this plant as forever purple plant or coral bells. The large leaves are like beautiful butterflies. They are amazingly beautiful with large leaves in a rare purple hue. Heuchera 'Wild Rose' will not disappoint to make your garden more stunning, especially in early spring to winter. They are frost resistant at 4 to -35 C. 

2. Loropetalum Carolina Midnight


It is a large shrub that can grow to 10-15' height x 8-10' wide. Loropetalum Carolina Midnight has round, burgundy-colored foliage with pretty pink fringe flowers, which makes it so lovely. Loropetalum is a great choice for shrubs in the landscape that brings a pop and elegance to the garden.

3. Morning  glory


Morning glories are annual vines that are so easy to grow. It has green foliage and flowers in purple, pink, blue, white and more. This is a plant that grow best at full sun exposure. Set on a canopy roof, morning glories can work as natural shade in a garden with a pergola. The best time to plant the morning glory's seed is in spring. 

4. Purple Allium


Purple Allium flowers will work hard to bring amazing pleasure to your eyes. This purple-flowering plant is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant that can make the shady corner more purply bright. The flowers bloom in late spring to early summer. Surely, every gardener and landscaper love this purple sensation allium.

5. Persian Shield


Persian shield will bring you a splash of purple with silvery effect. If you live in warm climates, you can grow Persian shield plant outdoor. This plant is growing well in sun or shade. They will work well as nicely garden borders in your garden. Keep in mind that Persian shield require high humidity. 

6. Coleus 'Chine Rose'


We would like to call the coleus the plant of a thousand colors. There are many colors in coleus foliage depending on the type. If you choose China Rose, you'll get deep purple-burgundy foliage with a lovely pink center. The color combination makes for a gorgeous coleus plant. 

7. Purple Heart


Purple Heart is Tradescantia pallida. This plant is so unique with foliage in purple and small pink flowers. Purple Heart plant will survive outdoor. The plant works well as ground cover, a trailing border and more. You can also plant it in a container and treat it as outdoor hanging basket plant. 

7. Oxalis Triangularis


You can plant Oxalis triangularis or purple shamrock outside. Just keep in mind to plant them in a shaded spot of your garden. Planting it in full sun with hot afternoons, oxalis leaves may wilt. 

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