All About Grow and Care Pothos Manjula


All About Grow and Care Pothos Manjula -- Do you know any of the varieties of pothos? If so, are you familiar with this beautiful pothos commonly called pothos manjula? A beautiful pothos type plant and a favorite of many ornamental plant lovers may still be unknown to some people. To get to know him more, All About Grow and Care Pothos Manjula can be seen in the following review:


This pothos manjula plant is variety Epipremnum that has been patented in India, and some have mistakenly identified it with the similar-looking jade pothos. Pothos manjula has been recognized as a pant with a different variety. Some things you need to know to make pothos manjula as an ornamental plant are:

- Belongs to the family Araceae

- Including types of perennial plants, vines

- Can grow up to 6 feet long and 3 feet wide indoors

- This plant likes sun exposure in part with moist soil moisture and has been well-drained 

- Toxic to pets like cats and dogs

Pothos Manjula treatment


With stunning and dazzling appearance, this pothos manjula are easy to care for and tolerant of all conditions, even indoors. The treatment is almost similar to garden pothos.

- Can adapt to low sunlight, but direct sun can burn the leaves. With direct light or not, quite useful for the white leaf color.

- A mushy, well-drained potting mix is a great one for pothos manjula. You can add some perlite to improve drainage.


- Moisture is also very important for pothos manjula, you can water the pot with a 2 - 3 inch top on dry soil.

- The temperature and humidity of the house is perfect for pothos manjula. Consider placing it in a bathroom, kitchen or room that is slightly damp. Keep away from the cold, because it is a tropical plant.

- Fertilization can be done once a month using liquid fertilizer during the active growing season to produce the best plants.


The spread of pothos manjula is quite easy, for example by cuttings or water propagation methods. With stem cuttings, you can cut a few inches of the mature plant and to soil it in a pot filled with soil. Or the method of water propagation by cutting the stems of pothos manjula, removing all the leaves and placing them in a container filled with water.


The common problems that often occur in pothos manjula are quite the same as other plant, for example:

- Yellow leaves caused by rotten roots or because the plant does not receiv enough light.

- Brown leaf is also a pest experienced by pohtos manjula. This is because the ideal humidity is not received, or the soil is too dry.

- The last is the wilted leaves, which can be an indication if this plant needs water. Water the plant thoroughly to awaken the freshness of the plant.

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