Maximize Your Space with Vertical Garden Ideas

Maximize Your Space with Vertical Garden Ideas -- Making a vertical garden is the right idea you can do if the space for an outdoor garden is very limited. You can take advantage of wall space and even other areas to maximize the space that is still available. Vertical gardens are very popular among gardeners who are short on land. And the idea of vertical garden is the right one to try. See Maximize Your Space with Vertical Garden Ideas below:

Use wooden pallets as plant racks

This idea is often carried out in carious rooms in the house, especially with a vertical garden model. Features wooden pallets used as plant racks formed into the grave by farming the walls of the perfect space. A vertical garden with a wooden pallet like this can also be an interesting display to put down into the room.

Hang plants with grid wall


To overcome the limited space at home, you can use the best with a grid wall to hang various plants. The balcony or terrace of the house is the best place for this plant grid wall. Liven up the atmosphere with scented or flowering ornamental plants. 

New features with laser cutting palette


The next idea is still to use a vertical garden for all limited areas of the house. This new features with laser cutting palettes is combined with line containers for shrubs. Use single pots to hang plants and arrange them neatly as they appear.

Make it simple with wooden pallets


To apply the concept of a vertical garden at home, you don't always use the balcony area. Even the fence or barrier around the house is the right choice. This idea utilize wooden pallets to hang various types of plants with various pots.

Vertical planting with trellis


Create a vertical garden at home with a quick garden like planting using a trellis as seen. This planting is easy to do with the maintenance of durable and long-lasting trellis panels. You can arrange one type of plant for the top and provide other variations with different plants.

Vertical garden in the corner of the area with a gabion wall


Display it with a beautiful garden setting in the corner of the area using a vertical garden like this. Neatly arranged container are attached to existing iron trellises or gabion walls. Arrange 3 pots in a row and adjust the height of the pot arrangement with the fence to cover the land in the house.

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