Unique Ideas for Indoor Garden Under Stairs

Unique Ideas for Indoor Garden Under Stairs

Homifine.com -- Apart from being used as access to the upper floor of the house, the staircase area is basically also very optimal for all purposes. For example, for they are under the stairs, which is sometimes still left empty without a purpose. Even though you can maximize the area under the stairs into a useful place such as the kitchen, cat house, mini bar accent or home garden. And a home garden is the most suitable idea for creating a garden in the house under the stairs. You can use some decorations smartly, as in the review below:

Garden under stairs with light


Increase the decorative under the stairs with the beauty of the home garden and lighting that will make the appearance even better. Some natural elements of plants, rock also complement the area under the stairs and look commercial.

Tropical garden concept under the stairs


Multiply the garden under the stairs at home with a dominant tropical concept with palm plants. Let the house shade from the glass roof for maximum light. Cover the land with gravel and a little rock.

Simple garden under stairs with planter


Give the impression of a lively and refreshing garden under the stairs, even though the design is minimalist and concise. Use a planter that is suitable for the size of the garden, including a semi-open area for maximum sunlight.

The bohemian concept of the garden under the stairs


Using some decorating concepts for the garden under the stairs is also a brilliant idea for you to try. This garden under the stairs in a Bohemian style give a perfect effect with neat details in every corner and additional shelves for plants.

Zen garden under the stairs


With a little natural effect and natural rock elements, you can create an idealistic garden under the stairs. Tropical plant species are also still an option to enhance the area under the stairs naturally and more freely.

Mini forest under the stairs


The last idea you can apply under the stairs of a house that looks with an idealistic industrial decor. Mini garden with hanging plant accents, vines perfect the corner of the house stairs with a personal and more intimate.

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