How To Take Care of A Snake Plant: Snake Plant Care Indoors - Also known with mother-in-law's tongue or Sanseviera, snake plant is popular houseplant that make you have more benefit. You can put this houseplant at indoor that can absorb some pollutant and make clean your air and improve the air quality. Then, look How To Take Care of A Snake Plant: Snake Plant Care Indoors. Check it out!

Soil for Snake Plants


Sanseviera best in a free draining soil mix. It because they are easily prone to rot. You can use clay pot or terracotta to grow snake plants. This material won't trap water inside and promptly remove any standing water from the saucer.

Water, Light, and Food of Snake Plants


Snake plants can tolerate with any light condition. But you can put them in indirect light to grow well. Then, you can make watering the snake plants when the soil to dry and take extra special care not to overwater in winter. 


Avoid to getting the leaves wet when watering. Fertilize the snake plants during growing season that as plant food.



Snake plants that produce rhizomes and easy to divided can use to propagate. But, you also can propagate the snake plants with cutting the leaf and place them about 1-inch deep in soil. Make sure to plant cuttings facing up, the same direction they were growing. You can do the propagation any time, but spring is best and also grow faster as summer for the growing season.



To be known, snake plant toxic for cat and dogs. Chewing or ingestion can bring the result of vomit and diarrhea.

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