7 Best Sansevieria to Grow Indoors Perfectly

Homifine.com -- The popular snake plant is liked by many plant lovers and not alike. Why is that? Because this plant has resistance in many conditions. Apart from that, the snake plant also has easy maintenance, so you can move around more freely without thinking too intensely about its maintenance. For some types of snake plants that you can have at home, check out the 7 Best Sansevieria to Grow Indoors Perfectly.

Sansevieria Trifasciata


This first type is the most common and has a recognizable appearance. The sharp, stiff leaves are colored and patterned differently. The leaf margins are lemon yellow in color, making them appear fresh and appealing.

Sansevieria Golden Hahnii


If you want a simple and clean look, this is the room for you. This golden hanhii has yellow-dominated leaves with green markings on the edges. They also don't get too big, so they take up little space.

Sansevieria Coppertone


The color of this sansevieria differs from the others. You might think the leaves were dry and burnt if you saw them for the first time. However, this is the plant's natural color. Brown leaves with lighter shades make it a one-of-a-kind houseplant.

Sansevieria Cylindrica


The leaf appearance differs from that of the well-known snake plant. The thick, stick-like green leaves of this plant grow neatly in pots. Some people braid their hair to give it a more attractive appearance.

Sansevieria Gracilis


At first glance, the leaves resemble those of Cylindrica, but they are smaller and more slender. This type of sansevieria grows in a fan-like fashion. This plant prefers indirect bright light.

Sansevieria Moonshine


If you have a house with a minimalist interior design, this plant will be on one of your decoration lists. Leaves with a slight pattern and lighter colors will look great in a minimalist and clean style room.

Sansevieria Jade Marginata


The leaves of the jade marginata grow smaller than the trifasciata. Green leaves with a darker color also have bright yellow edges that make the appearance not boring.

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