How to Grow Watermelon Peperomia

How to Grow Watermelon Peperomia -- Peperomia watermelon is a popular plant among many people. This plant with watermelon-themed leaves grows beautifully, with sparkling and dense colors. This South American plant is a tropical plant that grows naturally in forest and thrives when brought indoors. Learn how to properly care for watermelon peperomia, also known as pilea arygyreia, in this review:

Peperomia watermelon spread


Peperomia watermelon is a simple to grow plant that is also known as a friendship plant. This plant is best planter in the spring or summer. Can be propagated through stem and leaf cuttings. To learn how to propagate peperomia by division, follow these steps:


- Remove the plant from the pot and carefully separate the branches to check for roots
- Gently separate the plant branch from the main plant roots
- Select a new branch, plant it in a pot, and water the soil on a regular basis
- Place in a location that receives indirect light and keeps the soil moist
- Plan regular watering to ensure dense and consistent plant growth

Watermelon treatment for peperomia


- Illumination

Choose a location with indirect to moderate light. Make sure it is not exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, as this can cause leaf burn.


- Peperomia in the land watermelons should be planter in well-drained potting soil. Cacti and succulents, which do not absorb much water, should be avoided when suing dry soil formulations. In a 1 : 1 ratio, combine peat moss and perlite.


- Watering is essential for watermelon peperomia; you can water this plant on a regular basis. Because doing so too frequently can cause the plant to rot.

- Humidity and temperature

This watermelon peperomia grows well in warm conditions but requires adequate humidity to become a tropical plant. Keep it away from the vents to prevent it from becoming too dry.

- Fertilizing

Pay close attention to peperomia nutrition by applying a balanced liquid fertilizer every 2 - 4 weeks during the soil season, which is spring and summer.

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