Incredible Ideas to Growing Plants in Water -- Plants are usually grown in soil. It is undeniable that growing plants in soil will have better results than other growing media. However, many people prefer the look of plants growing in a vase or jar filled with water. For some plants that you can grow in water, check out Incredible Ideas to Grow Plants in Water.


The first plant you can have in a water-filled vase is the monstera. You can do this during propagation, which aims to grow roots before transplanting them into pots of soil. Take the monstera from the mother plant so that you don't spend money on buying a new one.

Pilea Peperomioides

This unique leaf plant is shaped like a dollar coin with a glossy green color. When you want to grow it in water, cut off the healthy and strong stems with sharp, clean scissors. Wait a few weeks to see the roots emerge.


not only can you reproduce them, sometimes pothos also prefer to grow in water. The roots can grow in abundance and they can extend out of the vase. Don't forget to change the water regularly to maximize their healthy growth.

Snake Plant

Snake plant propagation is very popular and grows roots faster. You can cut the leaves in an inverted V shape and put them in clean water until the roots grow. However, to grow them in water, take the shoots and you can transfer them from the pot to a vase or jar of water.

Spider Plant

If you have spider plants that have grown babies, you can cut them off and grow them in water. No need to buy new spider plants to have more of them. They independently provide new plants for you.

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