Minimalist Small Home Interior Ideas that Have Clever Concept -- Are you confused about designing and decorating a small house so that it looks stylish and also has maximum function? You can make this happen by considering several things. For interior ideas in ways you can emulate, check out Minimalist Small Home Interior Ideas that Have Clever Concept.

Living room idea

The first area that you can see from this house is the living room. The choice of natural brown color with various tones still makes this room look calming and not boring. The existence of a storage cupboard can maximize the storage of goods in this small room neatly.

Functional room

The concept of an open-plan room will be ideal for your small house. In this image, you can see that the living room is built next to a small kitchen that is separated by half a wall, allowing activities in the kitchen to be comfortable and flexible.

Small kitchen idea

Even though the kitchen is close to the living room, it feels comfortable despite its small size. Colors that are in harmony with other areas are chosen. Choose white for the wall cabinet to make it appear bright and spacious. Don't forget to include contemporary-looking wall decorations.

Laundry area

The empty space near the bathroom is transformed into a laundry area. Use as little furniture as possible while still providing a comfortable environment. Additional wall display shelves will help maximize the storage of laundry soap, deodorizers, and other washing necessities.

Bathroom idea

Upon entering the bathroom, the small space feels comfortable due to the use of natural colors on the walls. This bathroom also has convenient amenities like a toilet and a shower. Add small plants to the bathroom to add some greenery.

Bedrooom idea

This bedroom has a white color to be applied to the walls so that it gives a wider impression. To give a decorative touch, there are macrame with various colors to make the bedroom look more attractive and not boring.

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