7 Best Monstera Plant Varieties To Grow At Home

 Homifine.com - Monstera is a plant that can be used to beautify your home and residence. This plant has a characteristic in the form of leaves that are green and unique. This monstera plant is the perfect plant to put in the house because it is easy to grow and care. In addition, monstera plants can provide appeal and add aesthetic value in the house. So which varieties of monstera plants can be grown at home ? you can read the article here about 7 Best Monstera Plant Varieties To Grow At Home 

 1. Monstera Deliciosa


Monstera deliciosa is the most popular monstera plant and is widely used as a decoration at home. This type of monstera plant is characterized by large leaves. Because it is easy to care for, therefore many monstera deliciosa plants are presented at home to add a charming impression. Usually these plants are placed in the living room, dining room or bathroom in accordance with the wishes of the owners of the house.

2. Monstera Adansoni


Monstera andansoni is the second popular monstera plant. This type of monstera plant has a unique leaf shape with a dark green color that has holes in the leaves so that it looks perfect and suitable to be placed in a house that can provide natural nourishment to your home room. This plant has a height that is not too high if the appeal deliciosa but with a beautiful leaf shape it will look charming.

3. Monstera Acuminata

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Monstera acuminata is a monstera plant that is rare or difficult to find. Acuminata has a shape almost similar to andansoni. But for acuminata has smaller leaves and more intense leaf color. This plant can grow to a height of about 7 feet and leaves 2 feet wide. This plant has a fairly easy care so you can apply this type of monstera plant at home.

4. Monstera Karstenianum


Monstera krastenianum is a type of monstera that does not require much care for proper growth, so it is suitable if made into a perfect house plant. Monstera krastenianum has leaves with a dark green color that looks luxurious and has a small leaf shape with a maximum height of 2-4 feet.

5. Monstera Dubai


Dubai Monstera is a beautiful monstera plant if placed at home. Monstera dubai plant has a fairly small leaf size and with a slightly white green color. You can design this plant by arranging the growing stems. Because this will affect the growth of leaves that appear. So if you want a beautiful growth then you have to control the growth of the stem.

6. Monstera Siltepecana

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Monstera siltepecana is a plant commonly called silver monstera. This is due to the fact that the monstera siltepecana plant has leaves with a greenish-silver color. Siltepecana has dark green leaves that are shiny and have holes that can give a unique but elegant impression. This plant can grow indoors so it is suitable for use indoors your home.

7. Monstera Obliqua


The Monstera obliqua plant became the third popular monstera plant. This plant is a monstera plant that is rarely encountered or even rare. Monstera obliqua has a characteristic hollow leaf with a slightly curved shape and the tip of the leaves are sharp seta leaves are smooth and thin so it is rather difficult to care for him. The price of this plant is quite expensive because it is difficult to find and rarely found.

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