7 Popular Holiday Season Houseplants


Homifine.com - This plant can increase the cheerfulness inside your home. This plant has colorful flowers so that it can create freshness and add an interesting impression. House plants this holiday season you can certainly apply in your home so that the look of the house becomes charming. By presenting this plant can make the house look brighter. You can put this plant in the living room, dining room, garden or as a decoration in the kitchen. So what plants are beautiful to be a house plant for the holiday season ? You can read 7 Popular Holiday Season Houseplants below !!

1. Pointsettia


Pointsettia is a plant that has leaves with beautiful colors yany. This plant is often associated with the holiday season because it has leaves with a bright red color and combined with green leaves that make the look more charming and attractive. Pointsettia is usually widely used for plants in the Christmas season because it has red leaves. This plant can grow well in the sun.

2. Easter Cactus


Easter Cactus usually also has another name Spring cactus because it has flowers that bloom in late winter to early spring. This plant has flowers with diverse colors such as pink, lavender, orange, white, etc. As for the stem, it has a green color with a surface that has thorns on the edges. The plant has a fairly easy care.

3. Amaryllis


Amaryllis is a plant that has very beautiful flowers. Amaryllis has plants with amazing colors and can create warmth in the House. This plant generally has flowers with various colors such as red, white, pink, burgundy, rose, etc. So it is very beautiful if placed in the room of your house.

4. Cyclamen


Cyclamen is the most beloved houseplant for a festive atmosphere. Its variegated heart-shaped leaves with a silvery-white pattern and pure white to dark red flowers like beautiful butterflies are a reason to celebrate. So this plant is suitable if used as a holiday season plant because it has flowers with beautiful colors. In addition to flowers, the leaves also have a unique motif.

5. Shooting Star Hydrangea


This Shooting Star Hydrangea has a striking color by offering pure white star-shaped flowers, which give the impression of shooting stars. The flowers remain white for about four-six weeks before turning a delicate green color. You can present this plant in the room of your house so that it can add to the decoration of the house.

6. Paperwhites 


This White Paper plant has flowers with a white color and has a fragrant smell so it is usually the center of attention of interest. Especially if this plant blooms faster in winter and has a beautiful appearance. This plant has leaves with a green color with an elongated shape so that they look like leeks.

7. Pansy 


Pansies with having a colorful flower with a 'face' are the perfect floral treat for the festive holidays with their beautiful heart-shaped petals and overlaps. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors. This plant also grows well in cold climates. You can put plants around your garden so that it makes the garden beautiful.

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