Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Are Beautiful and Can Be Imitated Easily - The kitchen is one of the rooms that must exist in a house. The kitchen is usually used as a place to cook or eat hindangan. But in today's era the function of the kitchen is not only for cooking but also as a trend and lifestyle. The selection of decoration and storage in the kitchen can also be the main thing so that the kitchen looks beautiful.

Grouping and arranging cutlery on hanging shelves

Usually people are lazy to use kitchen sets with closed door cabinets. Especially for those who have a kitchen with a small size, because the closed cabinet model will make the kitchen look more narrow. For those of you who want to use hanging shelves, then try to stack them at the same height as similar products.

Extension shelf in the corner of the kitchen

You can use the extension rack by using a ladder model. This can make the display look sweet and efficient for decorating the corner of the room because it can maximize the area vertically. You can use a variety of color choices to make the look charming.

Choosing materials that are easy to maintain

To make it easy to accommodate a variety of activities then you can choose the material in the interior of the kitchen with attention to hygiene and durability factors. To facilitate maintenance and cleaning then you can choose a solid material on the table top and marble on the walls. You can apply a combination of white and natural wood.

Brings bright colors

You can apply bright colors to your kitchen so that the look looks more charming and beautiful. You can apply to the look of the kitchen curtains used. In addition, you can also present the decorations used. In addition, the presence of plants around the kitchen can make it look fresher.

Using a comfortable island table

Usually this kitchen is also used as a place to entertain family or relatives. For it you can use a comfortable island table. Although it has a small size but it does not hurt you to apply the island table in your kitchen.

Orange color that gives the impression of warmth

To bring a warm atmosphere you can use orange or orange on the walls of your kitchen. Or you can also use lights with colors that produce warm colors so that they can make the atmosphere tighter and warmer. This color can strengthen the relationship between families when cooking or eating dishes together.

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