Tips For Planting Hydrangea Flowers Around Your Home - Hydrangea is an easy plant to grow. This flower has a beautiful flower shape and also a variety of colors so often these flowers are planted around the house for room decoration. This flower you can make as a plant around the house or planted in the garden as an edge plant. A few tips you can apply to care for this plant.

Choose The Right Variety

Although hydrangeas can be grown indoors, this does not apply to all varieties. One of the varieties that you can choose is the type of Hydrangea macrophylla or also known as french hydrangea. This type of hydrangea flower comes from Japan which has a variety of colors and can be planted indoors.

Pay Attention To Lighting

Hydrangea flowers are shade-loving plants. It also requires indirect light. Outdoors this plant requires protection from direct sunlight. This plant can grow in the shade. This plant can grow well outdoors with high light quality.

Water Intake

You can put this plant in a pot with good hole drainage. This is because the soil in the pot will dry out after watering. By using a good drainage system will prevent root rot, and can cause fungi that can damage the plant.

Soil and fertilizer

Hydrangea flowers can grow well in slightly acidic soil and good drainage. As for the level of acidity, it can affect the color of blooming flowers. You should use fertilizer so that it can affect the growth of this hydrangea plant. You can fertilize about once a week after the hydrangae have bloomed.


Hydrangea varieties can determine when they need to be pruned. The process of cutting from this whole plant to about 7-15 cm from the ground in early spring precisely before the foliage appears. The right time to prune this hydrangea is after flowering stops in the summer.

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