Simple Modern Bungalow House Design Ideas With Perfect Interior

Simple Modern Bungalow House Design Ideas With Perfect Interior -- The following home design offers a modern minimalist look that is suitable for those of you who want a more stylish look. Not only is the exterior attractive, the interior of this house is no less charming! Get ready to be stunned after seeing it

Facade Design

Facade Design

This house has an attractive design with a facade that feels fresh by using soft colors and natural stones to give it a more varied touch. In front, there is a terrace with a small secondary skin in the form of a lattice with a simple design that enhances the appearance. The wide sloping roof model is high and the layer structure will make the room have good airflow during the rainy and dry seasons.

Living Room Ideas

Living Room

Now let's get into the interior of the house. The design is luxurious and spacious with a combination of white and warm earthy tones. This living room is equipped with a white letter L folding sofa set in the corner of the room, with a large glass window. In front of it is a TV with a black marble backdrop that makes it look elegant and luxurious.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Dining Room and Kitchen

Next, let's take a look at the kitchen area and dining room. No less luxurious and elegant. The dining room is equipped with a wooden table set with 6 chairs, suitable for small-medium families. The kitchen is equipped with a full kitchen set, with top-bottom cabinets and plenty of storage space. The decoration is luxurious and beautiful with colors that will not make you bored.

Bedroom Idea


The bedroom should be the most comfortable place for you to rest from the fatigue of daily activities. An attractive bedroom is not only pleasant to look at, but it can also create an atmosphere of comfort and satisfaction for its owner. This minimalist bedroom looks attractive with modern monochrome colors, and futuristic decorations such as these round led lights used.

Bathroom Ideas


As for the bathroom, it looks narrow and elongated. But with the use of white color, the bathroom seems more spacious. The arrangement of the furniture also has a big impact on the appearance and comfort. Even so, this bathroom has complete facilities, starting from the sink and toilet separated from the shower area. The decorations are not overwhelming, using only embossed tiles to give a unique texture that is not boring.

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