7 Awesome Small Terrace Design Ideas


Homifine.com -- In a residence, the terrace is the impression of your home that may be seen by everyone. Therefore, the terrace is one of the points that we must pay attention to, both in terms of function and arrangement. You can modify your terrace into many function, it can be adjusted based on the sizee of your terrace, and you can also use it as the main point that looks from the front of your house. However, the constraints of a large land area are sometimes an obstacle for decorating your terrace. But don't worry, you can see the following interesting ideas about 7 Awesome Small Terrace Design Ideas.

Terrace with Plants

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So that your terrace doesn't look empty, you can add various kinds of plants. However, if you don't want to spend a lot of space, you can outsmart it by putting your plants on the roof terrace. In addition to adding to the appeal, the plants that hang on the roof of the terrace also make your terrace have a wider space.
Hammock Chair in the Corner of the Terrace
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This idea is a variation of the terrace with the addition of a hammock chair in the corner of your terrace. The existence of this hammock chair doesn't take up too much space, in fact this hammock chair will add a pleasant impression to your terrace and also your terrace will look contemporary only with the addition of a hammock chair in the corner of your terrace.

Terrace with Simple Decoration

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This terrace design is suitable for use so that your terrace feels wider. The use of plants used is placed in a vertical model, wich doesn't take up much space. Therefore, your terrace feels wider but doesn't look empty about the help of plants that adorn the vertical side of the wall on your terrace.

Terrace with Scandinavian Concept

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Scandinavian is one of the style favored by home interior lovers. In addition to the colors that are easy to combine, the decorations that support the scandinavian style also add to the sweet details of your room, you can apply this style on your terrace. Scandinavian style always helps a minimalist space to look conceptual and beautiful to look.

Outdoor Living Room on Terrace

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This design can use if you want to have privacy for your home, you can use the terrace as a living room by adding chairs and table as a place to talk with your guests. Don't forget to add plants as decoration on your terrace.

Additional Chairs for Coffe

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For those of you who have a super minimalist terrace, you just need to add two chairs to relax in front of your house. You don't need a lot of detail to fill your terrace, the addition of hanging plants also adds to the freshness of your terrace. This idea could be for those of you who like to have coffe on the terrace while waiting for the sunset.

Boho style with Wicker Chair

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For you, boho style lovers, this one decoration is suitable for you to apply on your terrace. Additional wicker chair with sofa cushions will add to the comfort of your terrace as a place to relax. You can even spend your days on this cozy terrace. Interested to trying this decorations?

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