7 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Design

 Homifine.com - Create outdoor kitchen can be the right choice. You can create outdoor kitchen with covered design or uncovered design. Moreover, with you create outdoor kitchen, you will be excited to cook. And then, you will have fresh air and spared from the bad smells that usually kitchen generate.

Here, Homifine.com will gives you some information about 7 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Design that you can applicant. Let's check it out!

Unfinished Outdoor Kitchen Design Make Natural Ambience

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The wall in this outdoor kitchen design look natural cement that slippery and the side of this kitchen use natural brick wall make this look of outdoor kitchen natural. Then you can be gluing the natural stone at the wall in front of the kitchen set. Then, you can use wood for the material of kitchen set. For the table of kitchen set, make it slippery cement. Placed the plants in this outdoor kitchen to make fresh atmosphere in this kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Have Fresh and Elegant with Brick Wall

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The outdoor kitchen design takes the theme natural and classic. With the brick wall in one side and cement pattern in another side, this outdoor kitchen design look beautiful. Then, placed the dining table set chairs that have white color, make this dining set have contrast and elegant view in this area. You can decorate it with string light to make outdoor kitchen have beautiful and romantic nuance.

Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen Design in Your Space Area

By : Instagram/rakean_genyas

If you have narrow in space area at the outdoor, you can create it for outdoor kitchen. With the space area that have 2 x 2 meters, you can fill it with fridge and table kitchen set. Create kitchen set at the above with white color and make it letter L to save your kitchenware and make your kitchen looks neat. And this also applies to the bottom of the kitchen table. Make the same color with the above to make have good view and nuance. Now, you have outdoor kitchen design in minimalist area.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Fused with Dining Room

By : Instagram/diana_deandrahome

This outdoor kitchen design has narrow area, but look bigger with using bright color. You can fuse the kitchen with dining room to make the area look simple and efficient. Put the rug under set dining table that have monochrome color and unique pattern. You can place the plants in this area to make the air in the kitchen have fresh atmosphere.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Look Like Mini Bar Have Good Setting

By : Instagram/riaanarya

Move the design at the bar into your outdoor kitchen to make you have good mood when cooking. With the color have neutral for the design, you can create the table of dining room that unified with kitchen table. Then placed a high single chair in this table. See, now you have a bar in your outdoor kitchen. Don't forget to placed hanging lamp that make the atmosphere have good and look like bar.

Scandinavian Outdoor Kitchen Design Have Beautiful and Efficiencies

By : Instagram/rumahleon

Create outdoor kitchen design that have more functional and efficiency. Placed the kitchen that merged with dining room area and put wash area beside this kitchen. So, with this design, you have efficient to work that saving your time and energy. For the kitchen, you can create it with wooden material to make natural atmosphere, and give a touch with black color to giving elegant nuance. And is also in the dining room, you can create it with wooden material and give a touch with black color. For the wash area, you can place the washing machine and the washing equipment that have nice setup.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design with Pizza Roaster

By : Instagram/theproslandscapinginc

The last for outdoor kitchen design is to make covered outdoor kitchen with pergola at your backyard. You can create the kitchen that have wooden materials and make the color with bright. These design make you have natural and elegant outdoor kitchen. You can make kitchen island that have function for dining room too. 

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