7 Brilliant and Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

 Homifine.com - Rooftop in your house have many possibilities. You will have good view, space area, and so many more that can you're doing in this rooftop. You can make this rooftop to be used as relaxing area, gathering area, dining space, and another what do you think. Moreover, you will have benefit if the night come, you can look beautiful sky and stars. 

Here are 7 Brilliant and Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas that can you're looking for. You can make your rooftop terrace style after look in this article. Check it out!

Rooftop Terrace Design with Put the Nice Sofa

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The first design ideas for your rooftop terrace is put the nice sofa in this rooftop terrace. You can select the white one for the color of sofa, this color make your rooftop terrace have clean view and bigger space. You can put the table that have wooden material to make this area have nature ambience. Don't forget to decorate this rooftop terrace with flowers on vase or plants.

Make Firepit Area in This Rooftop Terrace

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In this rooftop terrace design ideas, you make fire pit in table patio in the centerpiece. And put the chair with cushion sofa for seating. This area of fire pit surrounded by beautiful vertical garden. You can feel the nature atmosphere that can you have to relax in this rooftop terrace. To make complete the design, you can put an umbrella to shade the fire pit area. And then put the cute rug to equip your design ideas.

Beautiful Rooftop Terrace Design with String Light 

By : Instagram/morganeschaller

Equip your rooftop terrace with take a place string light around the wall. You can add roaster in your wall rooftop terrace to increase security and make your rooftop have felt fresh atmosphere. With nice set up in this rooftop terrace, you can make this area for dining space or relaxing area. Add plants in potted or make mini garden in this rooftop terrace to make beautiful view.

Bar Design Ideas to Inspiring Your Rooftop Terrace

By : Instagram/neoplaarchitecture

Who was like party? Now, you can move the bar in your rooftop terrace. You can place mini bar table that can you design with take a place for plants. Add grass synthetic to equip the rooftop terrace that can make nature effect and fresh atmosphere. Blow up your creativity for decoration of this rooftop terrace and make you have fun every day with party.

Pleasant Atmosphere for Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas Under Pergola

By : Instagram/my_homey_interior

Design the rooftop terrace with make relaxing area and have pleasant atmosphere. Build pergola to shade sofa for seating area. You can add and set up the lighting to make this rooftop terrace have beautiful view. Then put grass synthetic and path in rooftop terrace to make pretty look and have nature ambience.

Simple Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas with Table and Chair

By : Instagram/micky2be

You can make simple design for your rooftop terrace. Just put the chair, table, and bench in this rooftop terrace, you have a seating area. These seating area has many possibilities such us relaxing area, reading, gathering, and more activities that you can do. Add plants that grow in pot or box to take a place around the seating area. 

Make Party Area for Your Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

By : Instagram/theatelier.co

Another design that suitable for party in rooftop terrace are make simple party design ideas in rooftop terrace. Take a bench that unified with seat in centerpiece. Then you can equip it with beach chairs to make a pleasant atmosphere. Put string light and some decoration to equip the rooftop terrace design. With adding this string light and another decoration, make your rooftop terrace have colorful and lively atmosphere.


There are 7 Brilliant and Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas that can you applicant. Hopefully this is helpful. Have a nice day, everyone.

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