7 Brilliant Balcony Decorating Ideas make aesthetic your place for enjoyable spot

Homifine.com -- Balconies are often neglected in a residence, because a small place is ussually not too concerned about its function, so most balconies are not decorated and left empty. But who would have thought that a balcony that usually doesn't have a large space can be transformed into a comfortable place to spend your days at home. Even though its simple and minimalist, as long as you are good at decorating it, your balcony can look beautiful and even luxurious. So that you don't get confused about creating your balcony, you can see the following references about the following 7 Brilliant Balcony Decorating Ideas.

Balcony with Hammock Chair

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 Just add a hammock chair that you can use on your balcony for your relaxing place, besides that you can also add a small table in your balcony area that you can use to put your snack while relaxing on your hammock chair.

Additional vines 

Instagram / @myla.place

You can use this balcony design to overcome your minimalist balcony to make it look fresh with the addition of vines that you can place in your balcony railing area. It can also minimize the sun's rays that might bother you when you're relaxing on the balcony during the day.

Vertical Garden on the Balcony

Instagram / @apezinho9

In addition to additional chairs that can be used to relax, you can also add a vertical garden with a zigzag pattern so that itsn't monotonous. You can use the addition of a vertical garden so you don't waste your minimalist balcony space, but it can also add a fresh and beautiful impression to your home.

 Balcony with Mini Garden

 Instagram / @evieninon

For those of you who have a balcony with a sufficient area, you can modify your balcony into a mini garden with the addition of synthetic grass and other potted plants to add to the impression of your garden that looks green. Not only as a garden, you can also add chairs and tables that you can use to relax on the balcony as well as your mini garden.

Kitchenette for Gathering with Friends 

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Wow, you don't need to be confused about finding a place to hang out with your friends during the new year, you can use your balcony as a mini barbeque area. You can fill your balcony with a sausage and meat grill, and other small kitchen utensils to support your barbeque and mini party activities with your friends.

Additional Chair with Drawer

Instagram / @homedecor_shabbychic

For those of you who have a hobby of reading, you can use the balcony as a relaxing room using a sofa equipped with drawers to store your favorite books on the balcony. So you can relax while reading a book comfortably just on your balcony. Who would have thought that the balcony could turn into a fun place.

Extra cloth to Avoid Glare 

Instagram / @marta_wojtysiak

 So that you are not disturbed by the glare of the sun, you can use a cloth that you can add around your balcony that matches other decorations on the balcony. Apart from being a cover from the sun, you can also beautify your balcony with a cloth that sticks out in the balcony area.

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