7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style

Homifine.com -- The bedroom is often the home in the house for most people. The room saves a lot of privacy for the owner, so its not surprising if the owner want to maximize the decorations in his favorit room. Even though your room doesn't have a large space, you can still create your room to make it look beautiful and of course comfortable. Are you confused with room ideas for minimalist room? Let's see the following inspiration about 7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style.

Drawer Bed


If your room has a space that is not large at home, but you have enough things that you have to put in your room, you can use a bed with this model. The bed is equipped with drawers, helping you to organize your things into a concise look. Thus your room is not disturbed by the number of items in your room, and of course becomes more spacious. 

Boho Bedroom Ideas


Boho design is the dream of many people, itsn't wrong if you use boho design in your room. This will make your room look more shady. With a touch of ethnic decoration in your room, it will add a bohemian impression which is certainly not boring to look at. In supporting your boho design room, you can also use vinyl flooring to make it look in line with your room decor.

Minimalist Single Bed

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A minimalist single bed can also be a solution for your minimalist room. By placing it on the wall, you can provide a large space for the empty side in the bed area. You can also add additional small decorations to sweeten your minimalist room. Decorations that you can use include small figures and small paintings that you can stick on the walls of your room.

Additional Mirror With LED Light

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Dressing table sometimes fills up space if placed in the room. However, you can overcome this by using a mirror attached to the wall with a small drawer to put your make up. With the option of a mirror attached to the wall, you can save space in your room, but don't forget to add LED lights to maximize your makeup.

 Workbench and Vertical Storage

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 If you want your room to have a study table or work desk, you can use a single bed that you place on the opposite side of your desk. besides that, you can also use vertikal storage to put your small items, such as books, figures, and other room decorations that you want.

Bookshelf as a Divider

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For rooms that you also want to function as a place to relax when reading a book, you can place a bookshelf between your bed and the sofa where you relax. You can place all three on the same side, so when you want to read a book, you can do it on your bed or on your relaxing sofa.

Mattress on the Floor

 For those of you who are bothered by the bed taking up space in the room, and it's often difficult to move it when you want to redecorate your room, you can place the mattress on the floor so you can freely move it whenever you want, but don't forget to keep a base on your mattress so it doesn't fall off moist. You can also use additional fur rugs to fill empty space and you can also use them to relax in your room.

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