See 7 Clever Small Living Room Ideas make you have comfort room -Owning a house is everyone's dream. Especially if a suitable house is dreamed of, it will certainly make you happy if you are able to have it. Sometimes a minimalist home is the right choice to minimize spending on buying a house. So, we must be good at maximizing the existing room, including the placement of the living room which is very important in a dwelling. The living room is a place that is often occupied by outsiders. Therefore, the living room is very important for the convenience of guests and also as a guest's first impression when they come to your house. For those of you who have limited land but want the living room to remain comfortable and charming. Take a peek at 7 Clever Small Living Room Ideas.

Minimalist Small Sofa


This idea offers a small sofa as a solution for the living room so it doesn't take up space in your home. But don't worry about looking boring, choosing a unique sofa will be an attraction for the beauty of the living room in your home. In addition, the accent wall must also be considered in order to add variety in your living room.

Living Room Divider


With the partition between the living room and other rooms in your house, it will give your home privacy from outsiders. The selection of the bulkhead must also be appropriate and in line with the atmosphere in your home. In order not to look stiff, you can fill the partition between the rooms with decorations to make it look more relaxed and varied.

Living Room With a Touch of Bold Color


Distract your guests with the addition of bright colors in your living room. Even though it is minimalist, you can create your living room with a touch of bold color. The choice of color does not have to be the same as the color of the sofa, but you can also match it with other items. For example, you can match the color selection on your sofa cushions with the color of your floor carpet. Interesting right?

Selection of Color Variations with Calm Shades


The choice of color tone in your living room is also an important factor to maximize the comfort of your guests. The use of colorful carpet motifs also adds a bright and cheerful impression to the living room area. Even with limited space, it doesn't make the living room in your home look boring.

Variety of Living Room Furniture


Well, this time the idea shows the arrangement of the living room with a minimalist concept and does not require much space. However, even though it is small, it can still be tricked by choosing unique furniture and also decorations that match the color of your home as a sweetener so that your room does not look empty.

Plants in the Living Room


For you plant lovers, you will definitely like the placement of plants in this living room. Although simple, the placement of small plants in the living room area in addition to adding freshness, can also spoil the eyes for guests who are visiting. The selection of plants also doesn't need to be complicated and large, the important thing is that it doesn't take up too much space in your tiny living room.

Anti-boring Rainbow Carpet


You can also apply this one idea so that the living room in your house is not monotonous, the selection of walls with motifs also makes your living room more cheerful and varied but must also be in line with the theme of your home. In addition, the selection of a rainbow rug can also be an interesting idea so that guests are not glued to your living room which is not too wide.

Living Room as Wide as Floor Carpet


The placement of the sofa is also a brilliant idea to manage your living room. The placement of the sofa which is only as wide as the carpet also looks attractive as long as it is neat and the selection of matching colors. Who would have thought that your living room is only as wide as one floor carpet because your arrangement is no less clever.

Thank you for reading 7 Clever Small Living Room Ideas, I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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