7 Ideas for Separate and Outdoor Kitchen

Homifine.com -- a kitchen design with an open concept and separate from the outside can be an idea that you can use in your home. You will find a new atmosphere by placing a separate kitchen from the outside. The selection of a semi-outdoor kitchen will provide free circulation in my cooking area so it is not stuffy. Besides that it also provides sufficient lighting for your cooking area. However, with the use of a kitchen that remains integrated with the house, you will still make the kitchen in the area of the house and also provide shade for your beautiful kitchen. Here are some inspirations about 7 Ideas for Separate and Outdoor Kitchen.

 Open Back Kitchen

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This kitchen selection is at the back of your house. The design used with an open concept but still connected to the whole house. This separate kitchen from the outdoor area can be seen from the use of a different concept. The existing kitchen uses a floor and design that blends with the house, while for the outdoor area it uses a walkway that is connected to the side area of the house.

Separate Kitchen with Fountain

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The selection of this one kitchen by placing the kitchen in a separate back area from the fountain pool area which is in the same room. But to separate between areas, you can use a different floor base, you can use the same floor as your house in the kitchen area, while the floor in the fountain pool area you can use a more relaxed floor.

Bambbo Curtains in the Kitchen

Rumah Impian
The kitchen that you can use to separate the kitchen area from the outdoor area uses bamboo curtains that you can use to close it when too much light enters. But you can also open the curtains to let in light from outside.

 Transparent Partition Between Rooms

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To separate the kitchen from other areas, this design uses a partition made of transparent material. With the use of a transparent partition can make separate rooms as if they are same room. You can use a half or full room divider.

Different Floor Materials

Rumah Impian

To separate the kitchen area from the outside area, you can use a different floor in each area. You can use ordinary floors in the kitchen and use wooden floors in outdoor areas. In addition, the use of the roof in the kitchen is also a differentiator between the kitchen and the surrounding area.

Choosing Different Floors but Still the Same Theme

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The use of sepparate kitchen and garden areas using different floors is the most effective option to distinguish each area. But you also have to pay attention to the compatibility of the theme you are using. If you use wood motifs in the kitchen area, you can add some footholds in the garden area with a wood theme too.

Separate Kitchen and Lounge

Rumah Impian

You can pair the kitchen area with a relaxing area in an adjacent place but you must keep it separate so that you still have boundaries between rooms. Use a different color on each floor that you will apply to each area.

I hope that some of the reviews above can help you find the right inspiration for your home design and decoration. Don't forget to share this interesting information with others. Have a great day everyone.

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