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Homifine.com -- Minimalist kitchen design not only puts forward aesthetic values, but also functional and practical factors. For a kitchen area that looks wider, you must also pay attention to the details of each design used. For those of you who have a large family, of course the intensity in the kitchen is longer and requires more space too cook. One solution is to use a kitchen with a u-shaped model that can make your kitchen more spacious and comfortable for activities in the kitchen.

Kitchen with a Monochromatic Concept


The kitchen is more interesting with the use monochrome colors as a theme in the kitchen and home. You can also match this u-shaped kitchen with a monochrome theme in your home. You can apply a black and white combination in the kitchen set with a more dominant white color, but still elegant with the use of black as a sweetener for your kitchen.

Spacious Kitchen in White Shades


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A kitchen with a u-shaped model will have an empty space in the middle. You can take advantage of this by adding beautiful decorations in the form of a carpet with a boho style to match your kitchen area, which has a similar theme. Even though it is simple, giving the carpet is a plus for the appearance of your kitchen.

Kitchen and Dining Table

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You can use a kitchen set with u-shaped model as a dining table on one side. This will certainly be more efficient both in preparing food and using space in your home. You dont need to spend more space for the dining room, because you can use your kitchen set as a dining table as well as a kitchen.

Spacious Kitchen in White Shades


 You can use a wide and not to long kitchen so thet some of the room can be used for other function. The white color combination that you use in the kitchen adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen area. Moreover, the use of a white kitchen set color that matches the color of the walls also add to the beauty of your kitchen area. Add some additional accessories to make it look more beautiful.

Minimalist Kitchen with Varied Storage


 With the u-shaped model, of course it has more storage that you can use to store necessities in the kitchen. You can choose storage with storage with closed and open models. You can use closed storage to store your piled up items. While in open storage, you can use it as an item that is easy to organize.

Kitchen with a Touch of Gold for a Luxurious Feel

The addition of gold adds a luxurious feel to your u-shaped kitchen area. You don't need all colors to use shades of gold, just a little touch of gold will add an important point to your kitchen area. In addition, you can also match the use of wooden floors with shades of gold in your u-shaped kitchen furniture.
 Kitchen with Extra Large Windows

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You can use this design by using the window as additional lighting in your kitchen area. This window can also add to the aesthetics of your kitchen, the window that you use can be placed according to the size of the u-shaped kitchen set you have, so as to create the perfect mix.

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