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Homifine.com -- The balcony is one of the place in the house that you can make various functions. However, there are also many balconies that are left idle without being decorated and not functioning. If you have a balcony in your home, you can decorate this balcony into a variety of functional places. In fact, the balcony could be a favorite place for you when you decorate it properly. To make your balcony more attractive and charming, you can check out some of the following inspirations regarding 7 Ideas for Balcony in House.

Balcony as a Mini Garden Style

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 You can use the concept of a mini garden that you can apply to your balcony area, you can add lots of plants that can support the atmosphere of a mini garden on your balcony. In addition, so that you can still relax while watering and caring for your plants, you can add a chair that you can also use to relax while enjoying tea in the afternoon.

Additional Hammock on the Balcony

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 This decoration uses a hammock as an accessory as well as a place to relax that you can use in the balcony area of your home, you can also add a base to relax on your balcony floor. Then the presence of plants will add freshness and charm to your balcony area. You also have to choose the decorations according to your home area. Even in areas thet are not too visible, you also have to pay attention to the harmony of colors with each other.

Additional Chairs and a Place to Relax

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 Balconies with this one design can add chairs, tables, and seats on the floor to adjust when you want to sit on a chair or on a floor chair. You can also use the number chairs to gather with many of your friends and family. In addition, you can also add some warm lighting accessories to enhace the appearance of your balcony. Add some pots that you can use to enhace the appearance of your balcony. 

Balcony to Relax and Lie Down

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 The design  with this model you can use for lying down that you can use to relax on the balcony of your home. So you can use a small bed on your balcony which you can add with other accessories such as pillows and thin mattresses to make your balcony more comfortable. Add some plants to make your balcony more shady, fresh, and not too warm during the day.

Balcony as a Place for Dinner

Instagram / @traumhaftwohnen
 Wow, there is an interesting idea thet you can use when decorating a balcony, namely by having a private place to eat with your friends, partner, or family. You can add some chairs and a table with some accessories to beautify your balcony arae as well as your private dining room. Interesting isn't it, so you dont have to bother booking restaurants and save your expenses.

Favorite Relaxing Place with Beautiful Decoration 

Instagram / @zrobieni_naszaro
 The use a balcony decorations with this design you can also use for your relaxing place with boho style, you can also use additional curtains in your balcony area so that your balcony is more comfortable and not glare. The addition of a rattan chair that you can add to relax on your balcony. Also add some other accessories to beautify and maintain the style of your balcony.

Additional Chairs and Simple Table

Instagram / @tanjasovulj
If you have a minimalist balcony, you can use this one design to make your balcony more attractive and comfortable to relax. Add shelves thet combine to become additional chairs on your balcony. You can also use the shelves on the balcony as storage for placing plants so that your balcony is more varied.

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