7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make the Most of a Tiny Space


Homifine.com -- Having a comfortable home is certainly everyone's dream. The number of components that must be included in a dwelling will certainly require a large area. However, not everyone can have a residence with a large area of ​​land. The right arrangement is a solution for residential owners to maximize the limited land. One of the mandatory components in a dwelling is the kitchen. The kitchen has a core role in a house. With limited land, you can design your kitchen no less well than a kitchen that has a large area. Let's look at 7 Small Kitchen Design Idea that Make the Most of Tiny Space.

Simple Design Kitchen With Black and White Shades


1.  This design is perfect for those of you who like neutral colors. The use of black on the stove table will give a classy look and not look dirty. The arrangement of the L pattern in the interior of the kitchen will show the kitchen in the corner of the room. This will certainly reduce the use of space, but still looks beautiful. Then the use of a hob also displays an impression that is not messy and organized. So that your floor is not slippery from the kitchen sink, don't forget to apply a floor rug that adapts to your kitchen interior.

Additional Plants in Your Tiny Kitchen


1.   Are you bored of your empty kitchen? Well, this one kitchen design is right for you. The addition of small plants in the kitchen will add a fresh impression to your kitchen. In addition, so that all places can be used properly, you can add a shelf above your refrigerator so it doesn't take up a lot of space in your home.The addition of chairs and a cast table in the kitchen can also be an option for a place to relax while waiting for your cooking to be cooked. Don't forget the floor carpet so that your floor is not muddy.

White Interior for an Elegant Impression


1.  Kitchens with this model can also be applied to match the style of your home. The use of wood and white accents is the perfect combination for your kitchen theme. In addition, to avoid a messy impression, use a white color that matches the color of the walls on your wall furniture. This in addition to adding an elegant impression can also give a camouflage effect to your kitchen. The addition of furniture with rattan material can also be an option to combine it with your wooden kitchen table.

Black Kitchen Connected to the Dining Table


Don't want to go far to prepare food from the kitchen? This design is perfect for those of you who want to be more practical in cooking as well as preparing food at the dining table. Because the kitchen that is integrated with the dining table will certainly be more effective and efficient in your residence. In addition, the use of matching colors for the kitchen and dining table also gives a similar impression. The use of open shelves on the wall with a neat arrangement also makes your kitchen look more well-conceived. The use of ceramic material on your walls is also a smart option to make your kitchen walls more beautiful and easy to clean.

Classy Kitchen with Shiny Black Shades


Limited land in your house is not an excuse not to have a beautiful and classy kitchen. This design is the right choice for those of you who want to have a kitchen with a contemporary look. The use of a shiny interior in your kitchen is a highlight. In addition, the placement of the dining table that blends with the kitchen will reduce the use of space in your home. Then the placement of the dining table facing the window is also an attractive sight and also optimizes light from outside. In addition, there is a chandelier above your dining table, in addition to adding to the modern impression, it can also illuminate your dining table at night.

Small Kitchen in White Shades

 The next minimalist design carries white as its highlight. The use of makeshift furniture makes your home less disturbed by the presence of a kitchen, because not a lot of furniture is used, it doesn't take up much space in your home. The use of wooden shelves makes your kitchen seem soft and tidy. In addition, the placement of furniture attached to the wall will make your kitchen more organized and of course not take up a lot of space.
Beautiful Kitchen Near the Back Garden


      Maximizing the next place is to place the kitchen directly opposite the garden behind the house. In addition to saving electricity because it utilizes light from outside, the kitchen that is close to the back garden can also make barbeque with your friends.The white theme in your kitchen does not feel boring when accompanied by the use of furniture with striking but matching colors that give a beautiful and neat impression for your kitchen. So can't wait to make bbq with friends.

    These are 7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make the Most of a Tiny Space that you can use as a reference. From some kitchen designs above, which one is your favorite design?

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