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Homifine.com - In a dwelling in the household, the function of the kitchen has an important role in supporting the completeness of your dwelling. Sometimes a house that is not too large is an obstacle to having the kitchen you want. However, this does not apply if you are good at arranging your dwelling. You can still have your dream kitchen even with limited space. Therefore, let's take a peek at 7 Small Kitchen Ideas That Make the Most of Your Space

Kitchen with pastel tones


This kitchen design can be an option for your small kitchen arrangement but it looks varied with the color selection in your kitchen. On the walls, you can still use colors that match the overall color of your walls. Then you can apply different colors to the shelves in your kitchen. In addition, using the opposite side of your kitchen as a table can also save space in your kitchen. Don't forget to choose color variations for additional chairs in your kitchen.

Open kitchen at the back of the house


You can place this open kitchen in the back area adjacent to the garden area behind the house. The use of an open kitchen can also save electricity, because it uses sunlight. In addition, the open kitchen makes the air circulation wider and not claustrophobic. You can also have a mini party in the back garden and don't have to go far to the kitchen to prepare your food.

Kitchen integrated with garden


 Placing a kitchen close to your indoor garden can also be an interesting option. Thus, you can combine your kitchen with garden green colors and also plants in the garden as a sweetener for your kitchen. The choice of a glass roof can also maximize the lighting of your kitchen and garden.

Industrial theme kitchen


Recently, the industrial theme has become a trend for millennials and other younger generations. For you young couples, you can apply the concept of an industrial kitchen in your home. Even though it is cost-effective, your kitchen is no less classy than other industrial caffe caffes. The combination of an industrial kitchen with wooden furniture is also very suitable and in one theme with your entire kitchen area.

Kitchen by the window


Choosing a place near the window is also a smart idea in placing the kitchen. Thus, light from outside can help light up your kitchen. In addition, the selection of soft colors can also be combined with a white room in your kitchen. So the white combination of your kitchen will shine even more with the light from the window and also be colored thanks to the color of the furniture in your kitchen.

Anti-boring colorfull kitchen


So that your kitchen doesn't look boring, you can try this one kitchen idea. The choice of color variations in various furniture is a brilliant idea so that you are always happy and colorful when cooking in the kitchen. The selection of images with the theme of drinks on the kitchen shelves with colorful colors gives a pleasant impression to your small kitchen.

Monochrome Tiny Kitchen


The last design that you can apply in your kitchen is white. But don't worry about looking boring, you also have to be good at choosing furniture with matching motifs. If you want your kitchen to be monochrome, you can use black on your kitchen furniture motifs. The presence of a partition in your kitchen also provides flexibility for your cooking activities.


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