Small Kitchen Extension Ideas with a Garden View --  The kitchen is a place that is very popular with mothers, you have to design your kitchen to the maximum, so that it is always comfortable when doing activities in the kitchen. You have to be good at decorating and designing your kitchen to make it look fun, and you become happier when preparing meald for your family. One of the interesting designs to make your kitchen feel more fun and not boring is to place the kitchen adjacent to the garden in your house. You can use the garden as a beautiful view so that you are more enthusiastic about doing activities in the kitchen. For that, look some related inspiration about Small Kitchen Extension Ideas with a Garden View.

Transparent Divider Between Kitchen and Garden

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This design uses a divided between the kitchen and the garden, but a transparent insulation will keep the garden view visible from the kitchen area. In addition, you can also use a roof with a transparent model with a skylight theme to help your garden stay green and also add lighting in the garden area and kitchen.

The Kitchen on the Road to the Back Garden
This one kitchen idea is to place the kitchen in the area towards the garden behind the house. Apart from being a kitchen, it can also be used as a means to get to the garden behind your house. So that there is no empty space in your house, all places you can function properly and charmingly.

 Garden to Kitchen Area
You can separate the small kitchen in the corner of the back house from the core area where you live. However, so that the kitchen does not become a completely separate room from the house, you can use the garden as a link between the house and the back kitchen. You can also add your favorite plants to look beauty of the garden in the kitchen area.
Addition of a Small Garden near the Kitchen
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If you want a garden in the kitchen area, you can use this idea with a minimalist space and also with simple plants. You only need garden grass and some similar flowers in your small garden area.
Kitchen with Dining Table Overlooking the Garden
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If your kitchen is adjacent to a garden, you can use transparent glass to revela a view of the garden near your kitchen. You can place a dining table overlooking the garden area so that your dining atmosphere remains pleasant with a garden view.
Garden in the House Next to the Kitchen
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You can make the kitchen one room with the garden area in your house. You can pair it without the baffle. Use simple plants so that your house doesn't look dirty. Besides that you can also add a pot containing plants that you can put in the kitchen area to make it more compatible with the garden in one area.

Vegetable Garden in the Kitchen
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To fill the garden near your kitchen, you can add vegetables in your garden, so you can cook from the vegetables you grow in the garden. Planting vegetables can you include in your garden is mustard greens, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, and many other vegetables. In addition to freshening your kitchen area, you can also save on your vegetable shopping expenses.
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