7 Amazing Bathroom Partition Ideas


Homifine.com -- Comfort in the bathroom needs to be considered in order to keep it clean and make the bathing atmosphere more comfortable and not disturbed by muddy water. The use of bulkheads in the bathroom really contributes to making the bathroom look clean and tidy. The following homifine.com will provide inspiration about 7 Amazing Bathroom Partition Ideas.


Use of Half Partition


The partition used in this bathroom uses half the bulkhead of the entire space. The bulkhead used is at the chest level of an adult. The use of screens with this model will make it easier to monitor between areas that are insulated. The choice of an elegant white color will be even more beautiful with the addition of a floor that has a natural stone motif.


One Line Plain Glass Partition


In modern bathrooms, usually use the division of space in the bathroom using one glass as high as the room and as wide as half the room. With the use of this glass, it provides a partition that has a minimalist impression on the room.

Bathroom Partition with Attractive Decorations


Using a divider for the division of each room will provide maximum function in each room. The use of a bulkhead in this bathroom uses glass that has writing accents that add to the aesthetics of the bathroom area.

Bathroom Divider with a Transparent Dark Theme


On this idea, using a transparent partition that has a dark color, where the use of a partition that has a dark color, where the use of a partition with this color will provide more comfort and tranquility when using a bathroom that seems closed because of its dark color.

Curtain as a Bathroom Divider


The division of space in the bathroom is separated by using a curtain. The use of curtains placed in the bathtub area will make the bath more private which can only be accessed by one person without other views that can interfere with bath time in the bathtub.


Glass to Separate Area in the Bathroom


The division of space in this bathroom uses transparent glass, which seems to have a bathroom without a partition with the toilet area. This will make the bathroom look spacious and also maintain one area with another.

Bathroom Divider with Grid Model


Still use a glass divider, but to be different from the others you can use glass with a black grid accent that gives the illusion as if the door leads between rooms. The use of different decorations in each room will also help provide insulation in different areas.

That's 7 Amazing Bathroom Partition Ideas for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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