7 Amazing Ideas for Loft Style Mezzanine Floor - Use great hang lamp for aesthetic lighting

Homifine.com -- Along with the development of design in the home sector, of course, more and more innovations are made, especially if you have limited land. one of the innovations made in the field of home design is the use of a loft house design to enable one room to become many functions and can be applied to limited land or large land.

Loft Style with Dark Theme


The selection of a theme in one room is very important to make the room look harmonious is very important to make the room look harmonious and also beautiful to look at. In this area, we use a combination of dark black and gray as well as wood shades which also tend to be dark in color.

The Use of a Unique Curved Roof


You can use a unique roof with a curved model that uses glass material on the roof of the mezzanine room that you have. With the selection of this glass roof, it provides an attractive view from your bed area which gives a calming feel.

Wall with Grid Glass Material

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In this very multifunctional room with an area covered with concrete throughout the room, you can use a concrete wall substitute into a glass wall with many grids. Thus the loft style room that you have can look brighter and appear open.

The Right Interior Selection


The selection of interiors in this limited loft style space can give a thick impression according to the concept you want, one of the interiors that you can use is to use gold and wood colors that display a luxurious but minimalist impression.

The Effect of an Open Wall in the Corner of The Room


With beautiful natural scenery around your house, of course you have to take advantage of this moment by making innovations in the homedesign that you use. One of the designs that is quite interesting in this loft style in the corner of mezzanine room which uses glass material as if it has an open corner with a very beautiful view.

Wooden Roof that Gives a Brighter Room


In this loft style mezzanine floor area, a roof made of wood is used which gives a brighter effect to the room under this roof. With this wooden roof, you can also use a wood-based interior on your room.

Half Roof with Glass Grid

This design uses a different half roof, where half the roof is made of concrete and the other half is made of glass roof used. The use of this model roof, in addition to making the room brighter, can also give the uniqueness and beauty of the room.

That's 7 Amazing Ideas for Loft Style Mezzanine Floor. Which of the design above do you like the most?

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