7 Creative Ideas For Kitchen With Skylights


Homifine.com -- Kitchen design with skylight roof can present the impression of a brighter room throughout the day. Kitchens with skylight roofs also allow sunlight to enter to the maximum and make the small kitchen look more spacious. That way, various activities such as cooking to gather with family will be more fun.

Here are 7 creative ideas for kitchen with skylights that you can make the best reference!

Minimalist kitchen design with glass roof


The first kitchen is designed with a glass roof that allows sunlight to enter to the maximum in the room. The combination of an iron frame with a white finish also makes the room look more elegant.

Kitchen design near the garden


The inspiration for the second kitchen is designed near a garden with a skylight roof. Beautiful garden scenery you can enjoy when cooking, so the cooking process will run more fun

Kitchen and dining area with skylight roof


Having a small space, makes you have to be more creative when designing a room. The kitchen and dining room is designed to be in one place, to make the whole room feel more relieved. Especially combined with a skylight roof that makes the room look brighter.

Kitchen design with skylight and sliding doors


The combination of  skylight rood and glass doors successfully makes the makes the small kitchen look more spacious. The use of sliding doors with glass material is suitable for use in small spaces, because to make it does not take up much space. In addition to cooking, this room serves as a laundry room.

White kitchen design with skylight roof


The following kitchen is beautifully designed with overall white dominance. This aims to make the small kitchen look more spacious. While the roof of the skylight allows incoming light to illuminate the plants under it.

Scandinavian-style kitchen with skylight roof


To get maximum comfort, you can design a kitchen in a Scandinavian style. A touch of earth tone colors makes the kitchen atmosphere more soothing. This Scandinavian kitchen applies a skylight roof for natural lighting.

Black kitchen with skylight roof


Present an elegant kitchen impression with a whole black design. Kitchen set to canopy frame is made with black color that makes the look more harmonious. Combine it with a skylight roof and white ceramics for a brighter kitchen look.

That's 7 creative ideas for kitchen with skylights that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which is your favorite?

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