7 Ideas Grilled Kitchen, Enjoy BBQ Time


Homifine.com -- If you are a person who likes to gather and hold events both with family and friends, then food is a very sticky thing when holding a get-together. Food can add to the enjoyment and familiarity of the get-togethers that you hold. One of the things that you can make an option to support the gathering area is the grill kitchen area. You can use the grill kitchen to cook sausage, meat, fish, and other menus that can be served at gatherings. This area can become a favorite area of friends and family if you arrange it as comfortably as possible. Let's see the following about 7 Ideas to Grilled Kitchen, Enjoy BBQ Time.

Pay Attention to Each Piece of Furniture Used


The selection of this grilled kitchen design still pays attention to the aesthetic value of the furniture used. The use of fabric on the roof will make the BBQ time still fun even though it is done during the day.

Grilled Kitchen on the Back Terrace


The back porch is a suitable place for a grill kitchen area that has an open feel but remains private because of its placement behind the house. For a more comfortable atmosphere, prepare a table as a second dining room or to relax and enjoy the atmosphere behind the house.

Open Kitchen Concept


The selection of an open kitchen concept will be very fun to gather while grilling some sausages and beef you have. The use of an open room will make air circulation more free and maximum, so you don't have to worry about gathering in a stuffy place.

Kitchen as well as a Place to Relax

In this grill kitchen idea, it is located behind the house, which doubles as a place to relax. The addition of a few chairs will add to the comfort of the area you have to relax. In addition, floors that use ceramic tiles will make the area more relaxed to gather, and of course more suitable for many people.

Iconic Decoration

Although it is not the main room, the presence of a charming grill kitchen will create a strong character in this gathering area. Use simple decorations, but can build character in the kitchen. The selection of lights can be an option for decoration that needs attention.

Indoor Grill Kitchen


On this one idea choose, the indoor area as the grill kitchen area. You can use this selection if you want a more private atmosphere. Besides being more private, there is also no need for special land to rebuild a separate room from the house area.

Outdoor Kitchen Attached to the Dividing Wall

Utilizing the dividing wall behind the house will make the costs you spend more efficient because you don't need to make a new wall to build a new area outside the house.

That's 7 Ideas Grilled Kitchen, Enjoy BBQ Time that you can apply at home. Of some designs above, which one do you like best?

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