7 Ideas to Build a Budget-Friendly Kitchen


Homifine.com --  The function of the kitchen is no less important than other rooms in a house. Having a kitchen is a must in a house, sometimes to have a comfortable kitchen you need to sacrifice a lot of money, but actually with the budget you have, you can build a comfortable kitchen that has a neat arrangement and is beautiful to look at. In the following explanation, Homifine.com will provide inspiration about 7 Ideas to Build a Budget-Friendly Kitchen.

Simple Kitchen Set Selection 

In this idea, use a simple kitchen set so that expenses are saved more. The use of this kitchen set includes a dishwasher, stove, and dish rack where the remaining space is used for storing some spices and a rice cooker. In addition, to maximize the kitchen set area, you can use special storage that can be neatly arranged on the kitchen set table.

Small Open Kitchen

Having a small kitchen is not a problem and can still create comfort for the owner, by using this small kitchen of course the costs incurred are much more efficient and the management is easier.

Hanging Furniture Storage


If you have enough kitchen furniture that requires a large and spacious place, you don't need to add kitchen cabinets. You can simply use nails as hooks to store various kinds of furniture on the kitchen wall.

Kitchen Combined with Bar Table


A kitchen that uses a bar table that can be used as a dining table will certainly be more efficient to realize. The selection of the bar table that you use does not need to use full concrete, just use it as a table and also a bar table pole.

Kitchen without Cabinet Set

Having a cabinet in the kitchen area is not a must to have. Having a kitchen cabinet of course will make the kitchen look neater and more organized, but if you don't have enough money to bring a kitchen cabinet, just use a kitchen set without a cabinet that still has a good function in the kitchen.

Linear Kitchen with Simple Cabinet

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One of the very simple and inexpensive kitchen sets is a kitchen set with a linear model that does not reduce the essence of the kitchen. In addition to using a kitchen set that has a linear model, use a simple kitchen cabinet which is certainly much more affordable in terms of price.

Wallfoam with Brick Motif 

Additional kitchen wall protection has an important role to keep the walls of the room clean and not contaminated due to activities carried out in the kitchen, but to still save your expenses, use wallfoam with a motif so that it is not seen using foam walls.

That's 7 Ideas to Build a Budget-Friendly Kitchen for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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