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Homifine.com -- The kitchen is an area that has a very important role in a dwelling. Having a kitchen with a small budget is certainly a hope for most people. One solution so that expenses are not too expensive in the kitchen, use a small kitchen which of course will have less expenditure, besides that a small kitchen can also be used for the minimalist home you have. So that you are not confused by the small kitchen idea that you will build, here are some inspirations about 7 Ideas Small Kitchen On Budget

Skylight Roof Selection


Having a semi-open roof using a skylight roof can help reduce expenses for building a kitchen due to cheap lightweight materials and also reduce the cost of electricity used for lighting in the kitchen area.

Tiny Kitchen in the Corner of the Room


One example of a small kitchen that you can use is a kitchen with this design. The selection of the area in the corner of the room will further maximize the area you have. In addition to saving space, this small kitchen design does not require a lot of furniture to be presented.

Simple Linear Kitchen


In addition to the corner area of the room, you can also still use a simple look in the linear kitchen you have. You don't need a big kitchen, as long as it still has maximum functions which can certainly save your expenses.

Kitchen Without Cabinet Set


Usually in a kitchen there is a kitchen set and also a cabinet. to save more on your expenses in the kitchen, you don't need to add a cabinet in the kitchen so that you save more on your expenses in the kitchen.

Wallfoam in the Kitchen


To save more on your expenses to build a beautiful kitchen, just use wallfoam in the kitchen area instead of using ceramic or marble. The selection of this wallfoam still provides a high aesthetic value in the kitchen area.

One Color Kitchen


By choosing one color in the kitchen, you save more by not needing to buy another color paint in your snall kitchen and of course it stays in harmony with other areas in your house.

Ekonomical Material Selection


To save on this kitchen expense, you can use a kitchen set that uses materials at affordable prices. For example, choosing synthetic wood in a kitchen set will be more economical than using a concrete kitchen set.

That's 7 Ideas Small Kitchen On Budget for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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