7 Ideas to Decorate Small Space Living Room

Homifine.com -- The living room has an important role in a dwelling. Having limited land is not a barrier to building a dream house complete with rooms in it. Even with limited land, you can still have a comfortable living room with the right design and arrangement. Here's some inspiration about 7 Ideas to Decorate Small Space Living Room.

 Various Decoration Options

This time the idea is to show a living room with a dominant white color with various variant of decoration used to beautify the appearance of a living room that has a small space. Decorations that can be used include standing lamps, plants, figures with artsy designs in them and other items you have that can be used to add decorations to this tiny living room.
Elegant and Classy Impression


The decoration in this living room uses a plain sofa equipped with cushions that have beautiful motifs to give a classy and elegant impression. Even though it has a small space, choosing the right furniture will give a different illusion to your tiny living room.

 Natural Stone Wall

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This living room uses walls with natural stone shades that can give an earthy and spacious impression. The choice of this wall can distract from the small living room you have.
Add a Unique Chairs


The selection of decorations used in this small living room uses variations of chairs that have different materials. The seats used are sofas and chairs made of knitted rattan. So even though the room is small, with a unique decoration will make the room look more charming.
Right Color Choice
The choice of colors in this living room will divert the impression of a small room so that the living room looks more comfortable with the color used. The choice of a combination of white and pastel green in this living room will create warmth and serenity.
Lost of Variety on Display
In this living room, the selection of walls with an American style design displays a very elegant minimalist impression. However, the selection of decoration variations used in this living room will attract the attention of those who see it. The use of a mirror in this living room will provide decoration as well as a spot that attracts the attention of visitors.

Big Windows in Living Room

The use of windows placed at various angles will give the impression of being wider, brighter, and open. You can place this window not only in one corner, but in various corners in the living room area to disguise the small room you have.


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