7 Small Modern Bathroom Ideas


Homifine.com -- A comfortable kitchen will provide satisfaction for the owner in occupying a residence even though it has an area that does not stand out, the bathroom has an important role to be able to provide comfort at home. Even though it has a small area, if it is arranged and managed properly it will provide comfort to the bathroom and display a neat and clean bathroom. The following, Homifine.com will provide inspiration about 7 Small Modern Bathroom Ideas.


Beautiful White Bathroom


This small bathroom uses the dominance of white color with the use of walls that have an elegant brick shape with a touch of natural stone, adding to a unique elegant impression. This bathroom also uses a half room divider with additional wood that can be used to put bathroom necessities such as soap and shampoo.

Charming Selection of Wall Tiles


Having a small bathroom, of course, must pay attention to every detail that is used. This bathroom uses textured ceramic walls with a shiny appearance. This of course adds an elegant impression to this small bathroom. The choice of a bathtub with a wooden cover can give a beautiful impression to this small bathroom.


Selection of Plants as Decoration


In this tiny bathroom, using plants as decorations placed in the shower area can give a fresh impression to the bathroom. The placement of these plants can also be moved according to the wishes and beauty in this small bathroom.

The Sparkling Wall that Fills the Wall

If you have a small bathroom, use eye-catching decorations to keep giving the bathroom a high point of beauty. In this bathroom, ceramic walls with white color are used on the entire wall in this small bathroom.

Use of Partitions in the Bathroom

One of the things you can make ideas for your small bathroom is to use a partition between the toilet and the bathroom in one room. The use of the partition that you use must also give a beautiful feel like the use of the partition with this grid model.

Elegant Black Hexagon Wall

In a small area, the wall is a very important area to pay attention to. Because the use of this wall is in a small area and close to each other. This bathroom uses black walls with a hexagon shape that adds an elegant impression even in a small area.

Smart Small Bathroom Arrangement

Smart separation of each area is displayed in this one small bathroom. The selection of wall colors with good gradations is the first point that becomes the highlight of this bathroom. In the shower area, use glass as a separator from other areas, so that other areas remain dry and not muddy.

That's 7 Small Modern Bathroom Ideas for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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