7 Gorgeous Indoor Plants that Are Almost Impossible to Kill


Homifine.com --Ornamental plants at home are known to provide a fresher atmosphere. However, in reality, not all plants can be managed easily because they need intense care. However, if you still want to beautify your home with plants, you can use the following plants which are easy to care for, even almost impossible to die. Lets see the following review regarding 7 Gorgeous Indoor Plants that Are Almost Impossible to Kill.


 Snake Plant


This snake plant is known to have easy maintenance because it can survive even though it is rarely watered. You only need to water this plant once in two weeks. For a longer lifespan, add sand as a soil mixture to this plant.


ZZ Plant


Has thick leaves that grow upright, this zz plant can also grow in a dim room with quite a bit of water. So by planting this plant, you do not need to water it often. You can also cut leaves that are growing too tall.


Ponytail Palm


This ponytail palm or nolina plant is also a plant that is very easy to care for, making it a difficult plant to die. This plant is a hardy plant with thick stems with thin, dangling leaves. This plant is also drought tolerant, so you only need to water it every 2-3 weeks.


The Miracle Leaf


Known as a magical plant that is very difficult to die. This plant can grow only by placing its leaves on the moist soil you have. Even though they are able to survive quite well, you still have to make sure the soil they have remains moist.


Ficus Elastica


This ficus elastica plant has a very beautiful appearance which is usually placed in a corner of the room with a shady place for optimal growth. In the dry season you can water once a day, while in the rainy season you can water it less intensely because it has cool air.


Flapjack Plant


This flapjack plant is classified as a strong succulent plant and thrives even in the hot dry season. Its thick and green leaves can make this plant a beautiful home decoration.



It has many types with a variety of beautiful shapes that make this cactus plant a decoration that looks beautiful and charming. This desert cactus plant also has a long life span, even without adequate watering.




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