7 Trailing Plant as a Curtain Ideas Make pretty and fresh indoor area

Homifine.com --  Hanging plant is one of the plants that is much favored by most people because it has growth that gives a shady impression to a room. By having this type of plant, you can use it as a curtain on the window of your house to avoid the scorching sun that enters through the window. Here Homifine.com will provide inspiration about 7 Trailing Plants as a Curtain Ideas.  




The first plant that you can use for curtains is a philodendron plant with a protruding type. With leaves that are not small it will make windows easier to fill with these plants.

String of turtles


Having a variety of beautiful colors, you can use this plant with the name String of turtles as a beautiful curtain because the color is beautiful and cute. Because it has small leaves, it will make its growth much longer because it has light leaves.

Sedum Morganianum


Has unique leaves with a dense volume, you can use this plant as a curtain because of the plant growth that sticks out of this sedum morganianum plant. To beautify the window curtains that you have, use a pot to display this plant.



The next plant that can be used as a house window curtain is a peperomiagulata plant which has a sleek and neat leaf shape. By arranging horizontally hanging on the window, it will make the window more shady and cool.



Has tiny leaves and growth that sticks out, this plant will be very neat if you use it as a window curtain that can protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. Use a hanging arrangement on the window which can then display the impression of a beautiful and cool curtain.



The next plant that you can use as a curtain is a Photosplant plant which has a growth that is not too long. Use a tight arrangement for a very shady impression on the part of the house that is adjacent to the window.


One of the small plants that can be hung on the window is the jadeplant which will be very beautiful if it is grown lengthwise which will certainly make the window much more shady, cool, and beautiful because of the plants used.

That's 7 Trailing Plant as a Curtain Ideas. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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