7 Beautiful Rose Color Houseplant


Homifine.com -- Rose color is a beautiful color that has a strong character. The color rose is also always synonymous with elegant and graceful beauty. Of course, it would be nice to apply home decorations that have a touch of this rose color because it might drastically increase the quality of the appearance of your room. One of the things that you can make as a decoration in a house that has a rose color is a houseplant. Not all houseplants have a rose color, therefore refer to the following review about 7 Beautiful Rose Color Houseplants.




This plant that belongs to the Calathea family is more commonly known as dottie. Having a dark green color, the rose-colored pattern on this plant makes a combination that radiates beauty when used as an indoor plant decoration. This plant also has easy maintenance because the planting medium does not require a lot of water absorption.




Lately, taro plants are very popular among ornamental plant lovers. Having various types, this taro plant with rose color can be a chic and reliable ornamental plant to be used as a stunning ornamental plant. This plant is also very suitable to be grown indoors with sufficient lighting.




This type of Aglaonema Siam Aurora plant has a difference from other types, which in this leaf genre plant has a rose pattern combined with the complementary green color of the plant. This leaf plant can also be planted as a potted plant with the use of porous growing media and can be placed in a shady or indoor area.



Red Pagoda


This red pagoda plant belongs to the succulent family, so it has a small size that is very beautiful when applied as an indoor decoration. Apart from being the right size and unobtrusive, this red pagoda plant has a rose color that will exude natural beauty.


Calathea Rosy


Of the many types of calathea, this type of calathea rosy is unique because of its rose color. The color rose in the middle with a dark green semi-black border, making this plant look unique that is clearly displayed. This plant has a fairly easy maintenance with sufficient light consumption, so place this plant in the window so that it still has maximum sunlight intake.


Beleaf Begonia

It is a leaf plant that is suitable for room decoration. This type of begonia plant has a rose color on the entire leaf so that it will be the center of attention for anyone who sees it. Although small, this plant can grow and develop well, so you need to replace the pot and planting medium when this ornamental plant begins to grow.





The plant, known as a Christmas decoration, is a shrub in its native Mexico. Unique with its rose-colored buds, this plant will be very suitable to accompany your December perfectly. Choose a medium size if you are going to use it as a beautiful indoor plant without having to interfere with the main function of the room.





That's 7 Beautiful Rose Color Houseplant. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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