7 Low Maintenance Plants for Beautiful Home Decor

Homifine.com -- Are you a person who likes plants as decorations and decorations at home? If so, it's one of the lucrative likes. Because the plants you use as decorations can not only beautify the room, they can also create oxygen and clean the surrounding air. However, you need to know that not just any plant you can use as a durable decoration. If you are not too intense in caring for and supervising ornamental plants in your home, here Homifine.com will provide inspiration about 7 Low Maintenance Plants for Beautiful Home Decor.


 Jade Plant


Plant that you can use as room decorations that are easy to maintain. This jade plant is one of the succulents that grows quite well with small and sturdy leaves. Tips for this plant to survive well is to place it in an area that has sufficient light intake with moderate to high intensity.



Air Plant


This plant which has another name tillandsia has a unique growth that does not need soil to grow it. Simply hanging on the container you have, this plant can grow well. Even so, this plant also requires water but does not need too much. Wouldn't you be sure to turn this easy-care plant into an impressive room decor?



Rubber Plant


This rubber plant or has another name ficus elastica can also be an interesting option as a room decoration with sizes ranging from medium to large. This plant is also known to have easy maintenance because it is resistant to extreme weather even with conditions with minimal water intensity. This plant is also known to help reduce high blood pressure levels, of course it must also go through proper processing and do not just use it without a recommendation from an expert.



Ponytail Palm


This plant, also known as Asparagacea, is a species native to many states in eastern Mexico but is now restricted to the state of Veracruz. This plant is one of the desert plants that does not require a lot of water, so this plant has easy care. The characteristics of this plant has excess water is the color change in the beautiful leaves. Water this plant when the soil surface is completely dry.





Still discussing desert plants, these plants are commonly known as succulents, which have water storage in their stems. This plant is very suitable to be used as a decoration at home not only because of its easy maintenance, but also because of the various shapes, colors, and also the small size that does not interfere with the space in the house.



Snake Plant


Snake plant is an ornamental plant that has the name sansevieria. This plant has leaves that have a sturdy upward growth that makes this plant very adaptable thanks to the leaves it has. This plant is one of the unique decorations because it has yellow, green, and white colors which are different elements but will be perfect if they become a unit.





That's 7 Low Maintenance Plants for Beautiful Home Decor. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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