Small Kitchen Ideas, 7 Stylish Tips for your Compact Space -- The kitchen is one of the main rooms to complete a house. But, sometimes it becomes an obstacle when presenting a comfortable kitchen because of the limited space you have. A minimalist kitchen is a solution that you can apply by utilizing the small room you have. Don't worry about discomfort and an unattractive appearance, you can design this small kitchen into a modern and trendy minimalist area. For those of you who are interested in a contemporary small kitchen, keep reading on the following reviews about Small Kitchen Ideas, 7 Stylish Tips for your Compact Space.


 Kitchen Under the Stairs


If you have an empty area under the stairs, the use of this area as a kitchen is one of the ideas that you can apply to your minimalist home. Use an arrangement that still adjusts to the stairs so that these two spots still have maximum function from each other.



Small Kitchen in White


By utilizing the limited area you have, you have to outsmart the placement of this kitchen with the use of colors that give a stylish impression and also still have the impression of relief that provides comfort. You can use white as the color that dominates this small kitchen you have.



Functional Furniture Selection


This small design kitchen has furniture that is quite functional and gives a concise impression that still has complete functions. The selection of the cabinet comes with a minimalist design that still has maximum function and does not interfere with the appearance of the kitchen.



Kitchen with Linear Arrangement


Although small, this kitchen has an attractive appearance by using a lined model arrangement that is dominated by white. Not only white, a touch of brown wood is also used on the kitchen table, which adds to the contemporary impression and still gives a broad appearance. In the wall cabinet area, this small kitchen uses one side as a closed cabinet area, while the empty side next to it is used as a shelf board that you can use to put decorations and kitchen spices that you often use.



Beautiful White Kitchen

Different from the previous small kitchen which used a touch of wood on the kitchen table, this small kitchen uses an overall white color which provides maximum light spread to the room. This kitchen is also equipped with a dining table that has a minimalist design with a capacity of 2 people.

Elegant Contemporary Design
The small kitchen that you have must still have a beautiful appearance so that the view is not focused on the small size of your kitchen. In this kitchen design, an LED strip is used on the backsplash, which gives off an elegant and luxurious impression. Not only that, choose furniture that has a sleek design and is able to emit a charming and elegant impression.

 Luxury Elegant Kitchen


This small kitchen, which is located in a limited area, still maximizes its appearance by using furniture that looks to stand out. The use of floors with Moroccan patterns creates an ethnic impression that has its own characteristics. Similar to the kitchen set, this kitchen also uses a design that displays a classic side with a touch of gold that gives a luxurious and elegant appearance.




That's Small Kitchen Ideas, 7 Stylish Tips for your Compact Space. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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