7 Tiny Bathroom We Love

Homifine.com -- The bathroom is one of the main rooms that must be owned in every home. The bathroom does not have to be large. You can also present a small bathroom as long as it has maximum function in it. The small bathroom that you have can also be decorated properly to provide a beautiful view and provide comfort for those who enjoy it. For those of you who are interested in small bathroom designs, see the following article about 7 Tiny Bathrooms We Love.


Minimalist and Bright Bathroom


This first bathroom has a white concept which uses ceramics in all areas, both floors and walls. Its small existence makes it necessary to minimize the furniture in it. The use of showers and toilets has made this bathroom have the right function.

Gold Touch on the Interior


The next bathroom has a minimalist style in a small room. The placement of the bulkhead in the bathroom makes it have a focused area of function. The shower in this bathroom is chosen in gold, which will give the impression of luxury and elegance.


Monochrome Tiny Bathroom


Monochrome is a color that is widely liked and applied to home interiors. The use of monochrome colors in this bathroom was chosen by combining ethnic motifs that provide variety so that the monochrome bathroom is not boring.

Insulating Curtains in the Bathroom


The existence of this tiny bathroom is even more complete with a sink in the corner of the room. Not only that, this tiny bathroom is also equipped with a heater that can be used according to the owner's wishes. For a flexible partition, you can use cloth curtains to separate the shower and toilet area.



Hexagonal Walls


The next bathroom has a black interior with hexagon walls that look elegant. The furniture in this bathroom was chosen with a simplistic model so as not to take up space that would interfere with comfort in a small bathroom.


Beautiful Soft Pink


This tiny room that is owned by the bathroom doesn't bother you with the soft pink concept in it. This bathroom looks elegant and calming with the right interior selection. By using a partition in, it will provide maximum cleanliness in each area.



Tiny Bathroom in White


The last bathroom you will love is a tiny bathroom with an all-white interior. The bathroom walls, were chosen with a textured embossed model in order, to provide a variation that offsets the white color of the bathroom. In order not to take up space, storage is designed on a minimalist-sized wall that can be used to store toiletries or just decorations.




That's 7 Tiny Bathroom We Love. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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