Interior Design - Best Design Ideas for Split-Level Homes. Let me you to know, it can saving your space at home guys -- A house with a split-level model is one of the more trending designs because it has an open concept with voids that provides views from the second floor to the first floor. The use of a split-level design will also be suitable to be applied to a minimalist home that does not have a large area. For those of you who are interested in split-level home designs, see the following article on Interior Design - Best Design Ideas for Split-Level Homes.



Interiors with Matching Colors

Being the first area when entering the house, there is a space filled with minimalist sofas that are used as a place to relax or to receive guests. The more beautiful it feels, the interior of this split-level house uses paint colors and furniture with matching tones, this makes the room look spacious and bright.



Family Room with Net Railing

The existence of the next area after climbing the stairs, there is a small family room. There is a sofa with a capacity of 2 to 3 people. Equipped with a small table that has a knitted carpet, this room looks neat and organized. With a split-level design, this house has an open look with a void in the middle of the room. Even though it is open, this room still pays attention to its safety by using railings that are designed to remain semi-open.

 Clever Minimalist Dining Room

In the dining room, this house does not use much of its area and prefers the right arrangement with elegant furniture. The existence of a dining table with a capacity of 4 people has an elegant minimalist design combined with wood to add a classic yet high value impression. For a bright impression, this room is equipped with windows that have curtains, so they can be closed and opened as desired.

Family Room with Perfect Furniture

Having a minimalist family room, the presence of furniture in it is considered in detail so as not to create the impression of being cramped and messy. The large window design is also an important point that creates a bright and spacious impression, and adds an elegant look to the room.
Minimalist Bedroom with Neat Arrangement

The existence of a house is incomplete without a bedroom. The existence of a bedroom in this split-level house has a minimalist concept with colors that are still in line with other rooms. The use of the bed in the middle of the room makes the surrounding side have space that can be filled with small shelves and other decorations. The more elegant it feels, this bedroom, is equipped with a down light on the flat ceiling. 

Kitchen with Elegant Wooden Furniture

The last area shown in this house is the kitchen. Still with a similar concept that uses earth-tone colors, this kitchen dominates the room with wooden furniture that has an elegant minimalist design. Not only as a kitchen, this room also functions as a suitable washing place.





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