7 Beautiful Small Garden Ideas 2022

Homifine.com -- The spring we are waiting for is coming soon, designing a home garden will make teh house look more charming. The presence of a garden at home can indeed make the atmosphere of the entire dwelling fresher. To create a beautiful home garden does not have to be with a large land. You can even have a garden on the smallest land.
We have compiled 7 beautiful small garden ideas 2022 that you can use as a reference!

1. Beautiful side garden


Do you have any leftover land on the side of the house? Instead of being left empty, you can create a beautiful garden. Landscape garden with trails displays a more aesthetic impression of the garden. You can use wood for a more natural atmosphere.

2. Small garden cornered terrace


Other small gardens made attractive utilizing the corner of the terrace. Layers of soil with green grass can make a wider impression. Also present some combination of coral rocks for a more natural look.

3. Small garden on rooftop


Rooftop is the perfect place to design a beautiful garden. The small garden in addition to beautifying the look of the house can also be used as a cozy relaxing place. You can use a variety of plants for a cooler atmosphere.

4. Garden with a fun bean bag


A beautiful garden will make a person's mood better. This garden made interesting with colorful bean bags that can brighten your day.
The beauty of the back garden can be enjoyed from inside the house. Interesting, isn't it?

5. Using hanging plants


The size of the narrow land is no longer a problem to design a beautiful garden. You can use hanging plants that will help you save space. In addition to being more practical, it look more aesthetic.

6. Space-saving vertical garden


Another wat that is often used to get around the small size of the garden is the concept of a vertical garden. To make it, you just need a wall. You can put beautiful plants on vertical walls as in the picture.

7. Refreshing gardens and fish ponds


The presence of water elements in the house can indeed make the whole house more beautiful. You can make it happen by presenting a fishpond at home. Besides being beautiful can also calm the mind.

That's 7 beautiful small garden ideas 2022 that can inspire you. I hope the information above is useful. Thank you.

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Author : Hafsah
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