7 Best Planter Stands for Indoors and Outdoors in 2022

Homifine.com -- Having a lot of plants at home, of course, will be very confusing if it is not arranged properly. Because the plant are growing day by day, it will make the place feel cramped and messy. One of the things you can do when this happens is to use planter stands that make your plants more organized and make your home look neat and fresh. For those of you who are interested in some design, see the following article of the 7 Best Planter Stands for Indoors and Outdoors in 2022.



Elegant minimalist design


This first planter stand model has a rectangular shape that has a box-like appearance. In one box, it can contain many plants, making it a spot that can radiate freshness perfectly. You can place plants of the same type to make it look neater and not interfere with growth.



Matching color selection


The next design on this planter stand has a single model that you can use to load one pot. If you want to have a matching look, you can choose a pot color that matches the color of the planter stand with this one model. You will also make it easier to move around different corners of the house.



Beautiful planter stand


It will be very interesting if you have a planter stand model with this one model. The design that looks varied can accommodate 6 pots at once. You can choose various sizes of pots and plants on this planter stand. At the bottom center, you can use your plants which are larger than the others.



Neat looking conventional design


If you want a minimalist look, this planter stand design will be the right choice for you. Its standard appearance makes it feel neat and simple. You can choose a small plant size for maximum growth.



Simple design with gold touch


Its simple appearance with an open model doesn't prevent you from getting an elegant look. Using this planter stand with gold nuanced will make a luxurious impression on the area that is equipped with it. The design is not high, so you can freely choose various sizes of plants that you can make decorations in the house.

Planter stand with wood material


Having a material that comes from wood, using this planter stand will create a natural impression that can blend perfectly into your home. Why is that? Because wood and plants are natural elements. So, with this combination will make the house has maximum freshness.

Balcony garden view


If you use the balcony as a garden, using a planter stand is something that you feel is necessary to apply in order to keep the balcony neat and undisturbed by the many plants you have. You can use a simple model to simply place your plants. If you want to display something beautiful, you can use a variety of pot designs.







That's 7 Best Planter Stands for Indoors and Outdoors in 2022. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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