7 Simple Dirty Kitchen Ideas

Homifine.com -- Although the trend of clean kitchens is increasingly popular, but dirty kitchen still receive many enthusiasts. A clean kitchen located at the front, while a dirty kitchen is in the back. 
Dirty kitchens have the most often used intensity for cooking. To help you get a reference, we will share 7 simple dirty kitchen ideas that you can use as a reference!

1. Kitchen with wooden and aluminum cabinets


There are several things you need to pay attention to when designing a dirty kitchen. Moreover, in the outdoor kitchen, the selection materials becomes important. The first kitchen equipped with wooden and aluminum cabinets that look sturdy and weather resistant.

2. Kitchen with wall shelves


Although with a small size, you can try using wall shelves to maximize storage. Various kitchen appliances you can store on the shelves so that the kitchen is neater and cleaner.

3. One line kitchen


One line kitchen table design recommended for those of you who have a narrow room. The use of one line tables presents a more relieved impression in the room. That way, you will be more free when cooking.

4. Functional L kitchen


The design of the L letter Kitchen looks functional in a narrow room. The kitchen made with a elongated design with a touch of warm earthy tone color.

5. Kitchen with exposed bricks


Want to create a more natural kitchen atmosphere? The idea of a kitchen with exposed brick walls might inspire you. Exposed brick material makes the look more natural and elegant. Make cooking more fun.

6. Sturdy cast kitchen table


The design of the cast kitchen table is famous for several advantages. Cast kitchen tables tend to be sturdier, and the cost of making them is also more efficient. The bottom of the table you can use for a place to store kitchen equipment.

7. Space-saving sliding doors


The kitchen equipped with sliding model glass doors helps you save the available space. The glass door model present the impression of a more relieved room.

That's 7 simple dirty kitchen ideas that you can use as a reference. I hope the information above is useful.

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