How to Grow Tradescantia Zebrina

How to Grow Tradescantia Zebrina -- Tradescantia Zebrina is a popular ornamental plant and is very popular because of its purple color, with quite a lot of varieties. To multiply this plant, you are quite easy for you to do by ensuring good growth and prioritizing its care well. Check out the details in the discussion below:


To grow this plant, you simple use a mixture of soil that has been dried with good nutrition and proven to avoid disease. Choose a pot that has a drainage hole. This plant grows fast, and you need to be prepared to remove it when the roots come out from under the pot.


The best time to plant this plant is every year. It grows in Mexico and Central America, with warm temperatures throughout the year. You can place this plant indoors or outdoors with good quality temperature, humidity and watering level.


This tradescantia zebrina watering may not need to be regular, as it prefers consistently moist soil. Do not water this plant too long, allowing it will make the roost quickly damaged and rotten.


The right nutrition for this plant is the right time in spring and summer. Use a complete fertilizer full of nutrients with a perfect formula that produces the best Tradescantia Zebrian plants.


To prune this plant, you can let this plant first that is maintained from time to time. You can prune this plant using scissors that have been clamped first.


Finally, to grow this plant for more, you can use stems that have been overgrown with many plants. Placing in the ground or using a container containing a glass of water also includes an easy way to grow it in a fast time.

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