Tricolor Houseplants with Fantastic Foliage

Tricolor Houseplants with Fantastic Foliage -- Plants with colorful leaves are the best variety to fill the room in the house. Even outdoors such as gardens will be attractive to look beautiful if you have plants with these beautiful colors. Tricolor ornamental plants are rare and have a combination of three different colors on the surface of their leaves. If you are interested in this plant. Check out the list of plants in the review below:

Tradescantia Tricolor


The first type of plant with three different colors on the leaves is tradescantia tricolor. The dominant plant of purple color this time has e beautiful blend. Shades of white, pink, rose or purple. This plant has flowers without the scent of continuous blooming.

Calathea Triostar


Calathea triostar is a spectacular ornamental plant with colorful and striking leaves. Exotic, with a variety of leaves, has a combination of beige to white and green with pink edges and purple bottoms. Long, wide and shiny leaves make their own attraction at home.

Oxalis Plum Crazy


The next type of tricolor ornamental plant is crazy plum oxalis with broad leaves about 8 inches high 2 times with spreading semi-succulent stems, thus creating low red leaves and growing from small, thick bulbs. The shape of the leaves and the unique color of the leaves will fit into a corner filler of the room in the house.

Hoya Carnosa Tricolor


Wax plants with long slender stems are covered in thick, shiny and succulent-like leaves. This ornamental plant has attractive leaves with a bunch of pink-and-white color with a sweet aroma that is  star-shaped. To take care of this plant, you can ensure regular lighting, irrigation, temperature, humidity to nutrients.

Portulacaria Afra Variegata or Rainbow Bush


The last plant is portulacaria which includes succulent shrubs with stems, branches, fleshy leaves. This plant is a branched cactus that is used as an ornamental plant. It can also be eaten as one of the wrong blends or soups for the country of South Africa. 

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