7 Amazing Terrarium Table Ideas You Can Make Easily

Homifine.com -- Are you familiar with terrarium tables? Usually, terrariums are used to create a plant ecosystem on a transparent medium to give off the beauty of the plants. However, in addition to small media that are only used as decoration, you can also use the table as a terrarium which will later be multifunctional. Placing plants on a transparent table will attract attention to anyone who sees it. For those of you who are interested in having one, the following is an inspiration you can get about 7 Amazing Terrarium Table Ideas You Can Make Easily.



Additional mini terrarium on the table


This first terrarium table model has a transparent appearance in almost all the material. Thus, it will radiate freshness from various sides. To give a concept that seems unified, you can also place a small terrarium on the table as a decoration to add freshness to the room.




Blooming table


Blooming tables are usually very popular because there is an open side where the acrylic part seems to float on the plant. With this open side, it allows you to have plants that vine and grow hanging. This can be an interesting idea to beautify your room.



Wooden table with natural look


Having a wooden table will be perfect when combined with plants with the concept of a terrarium table. The combination of plants and wood seems to be energy to emit natural freshness in the room. In this table model, the use of wood seems to be a frame that surrounds the plant and makes it feel more exotic.


Minimalist table model like an aquarium


This minimalist table concept with a small size has an appearance that resembles an aquarium but is filled with plants. The right design, of course, must be well-thought-out so that it can be opened to treat plants so that they are healthier and without problems. The design of this table also still provides a little open space to get perfect air circulation for the plants in it.



Terrarium table as a dining table


Having a sleek black frame, this terrarium table can also be used as a dining table with a fresh view. The open side makes you more flexible in choosing plants that can be placed in the terrarium table. Even vines can still grow well on a terrarium table with this model.



Terrarium table with circle shape


It doesn't have to be a square model like most table shapes in general, a round table can be an option for your terrarium table. In this design, the arrangement of plants, is made neater and not too stacked. Succulents are the best choice of plants for most terrariums. If you want a long-lasting look, faux plant options, are also widely used.

Additional lights on the terrarium table


Utilizing a terrarium table as a complement to the relaxing room feels like it will create a relaxed atmosphere and seem to be a sedative with positive natural vibes. One thing you can't forget when you have a terrarium table is the lighting. If you place the terrarium table in a closed room, you can add LED lights to light ammo on plants.




That's 7 Amazing Terrarium Table Ideas You Can Make Easily. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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