7 Beautiful Boho Sunroom Design Ideas

Homifine.com -- Presenting a sunroom is a trend that is starting to be applied to modern homes. Sunroom has the meaning of a room with a semi-indoor concept, which is usually characterized by abundant light. This light can be presented from the use of transparent materials, which can provide a beautiful view and light that can enter the room. So it would be perfect to use this room as a place to spend relaxing time at home. If you want to present a sun room with a cool boho concept, consider the following review of 7 Beautiful Boho Sunroom Design Ideas.

Rattan furniture and decoration


Applying a Bohemian style, this sunroom appears with full decoration and creates an inherent relaxed impression. A Bohemian look, is presented in the decorations with knitted models and the use of natural materials such as wood and rattan. Despite its small size, this Bohemian room will be very cool to relax.

Take advantage of the elongated area

The next sunroom design has an area that is not too wide, but with the right arrangement, this room still has an optimal function. In this room with a white base, it feels even more festive with a touch of floral-patterned interior, and also the addition of plants to keep the room perfectly cool.

Patterned rug


One thing that is usually not left behind in a Boho-style room is the use of rugs with festive motifs. This is what then makes this room have a relaxed Bohemian style. In addition, the use of plants in the room is also the right choice for the Boho style you want to display. An interesting look in this sunroom, is by adding bamboo curtains that can be opened and closed as desired, so that the room, is more comfortable and functional.



Attractive color combinations and wall decorations


Collision of colors in a Bohemian concept room is a common thing and becomes a characteristic. In addition to the varied color combinations, this sunroom feels even more attractive with its attractive and artsy wall decorations. Don't forget to add plants to complement this Bohemian sunroom decoration.

Functional room


Do you think that sunrooms take up space in the house? Actually, you can present a sunroom along with other functions in the room. Like this one room, apart from being a sunroom, it can also be used as a comfortable living room. If you are disturbed by the light from the door and the transparent walls, additional curtains will be a must in this room.

Beautiful view in the sunroom


If you have a house with 2 floors or more, placing a sunroom on the top floor will give its own charm because it will get a beautiful view that is more free. This room feels more relaxed with the application of a Bohemian style with a carpet full of motifs and other supporting decorations. Interested to have it?

Big plant in the sunroom


Different from the previous Bohemian concept which used a lot of color combinations, this time the sunroom design chose an earthy-tone color with tassel decorations which are usually used in the Bohemian style. Additional plants with large sizes become the main decorations to balance the room to keep it cool.





That's 7 Beautiful Boho Sunroom Design Ideas. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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